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Suzanne talks a lot of sense. Like when she tells me: ‘The reason you are single and 64 and doing the things you do is because all your books and art and pictures . . . they’re holding you in the past.’

She’s right. These things are all like props that keep me playing the same role in the same play that is my life. To allow for a new storyline to emerge — one involving someone else — I have to change the setting.

Since Suzanne’s visit, I’m like some mad Stepford housewife, forever cleaning, changing around furniture and taking bags of books and DVDs to the charity shop.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that making these changes in my home — and, more importantly, in my head — will lead to love.

But one thing is for certain. My flat is no longer a woman-repeller, and I haven’t been so happy in ages.


I invested in an Interiors Therapy package for my post-divorce home to create a safe space for my children while I decided where I wanted to live.

When we were ready to move, the house sold massively above the asking price. The Estate Agent was astonished and delighted by his commission!

It was natural to seek Suzanne's expertise to review the properties I was interested in buying and chose the 'Find your Perfect Home' package. Her guidance helped me to avoid a 'bad for people' house which turned out to have a long track record of serious illness and traumatic death. Without Suzanne's advice I would not have known which questions to ask and would have moved into a very unhappy property.

Bespoke Feng Shui Report by Suzanne Roynon for InteriorsTherapy.com

READY TO SELL - M Higgs, Hertfordshire

Working with Suzanne to make my home ‘Ready to Sell’ was liberating. 

I realised I had effectively been a lodger in my own home for many years – there were cupboards I never looked in and rooms which felt unloved.

With the Interiors Therapy I fell in love with my home all over again.

My house sold three days after the consultation.

INTERIORS THERAPY - Olivia Lee, Hertfordshire

I asked Suzanne for help with my clutter when I wanted to downsize and realized more than half of the space in my home was taken up by things I was storing but not using.

My challenge was the emotional connection to old relationships and situations which I wrapped around me like a security blanket. I was frightened to part with it all but felt trapped, lonely and in debt. Suzanne’s Interiors Therapy helped me understand how the clutter I was clinging onto impacted on me.

As we worked on the Interiors Therapy over a number of weeks, my longstanding depression started to lift and I felt happier and more content in myself. My business improved and I was able to take on many new clients. I cleared my debts, giving me financial freedom which was a huge relief.

At the same time I started attracting new romantic interest and am now dating again after seven years alone.

I now look at my life and my home differently. If something in my home brings me down, it goes. Life is too special to be surrounded by things which I don’t need, love or use. Thank you Suzanne from the bottom of my heart.

Interiors Therapy rocks
Suzanne Roynon is a popular media guest for decluttering, clutter, interiors therapy and feng shui

MEDIA - Red Brick Road and Shpock

This May saw the Red Brick Road PR team launch the ‘Wardrobe Spring Clean’ campaign with Shpock. Teaming up with leading Interiors Therapist and author Suzanne Roynon, the campaign sought to share tips and tricks for Brits to use when clearing out their clutter this spring, showcasing the physical and mental health benefits of a good tidy and ensuring Shpock is front and centre in the conversation surrounding second-hand fashion.

The team put in place a full consumer and trade media focused strategy to announce the campaign which tied in with the latest Shpock-commissioned research around the environmental benefits of second-hand shopping. Alongside securing a raft of coverage in both B2C and B2B publications, the PR arranged a radio day with Suzanne, taking the campaign from the page to the airwaves.

Working with radio stations across the country, from BBC Radio London to Great Yorkshire Radio across breakfast and drive-time, Suzanne shared the key messages of the campaign with a host of interviewers. In total, the PR team secured fourteen interviews over the course of the day with a combined listenership of almost 1.5 million, tidy!


I had two apartments in mind and couldn't decide between them. Both had been recently refurbished and were empty, so it was hard to get a feel for them myself

I'd read Suzanne's book and follow her on social media so it made sense to ask for expert advice. 

With a review of both properties I was able to make an informed decision on the one which would be optimal for me now and for the life I wanted to share with someone special.

It was a bonus to know the property is 'Good for People and Good for Money' and it is more than living up to expectations.

Interiors Therapy makes house buying easier
Suzanne Roynon is a popular media guest for decluttering, clutter, interiors therapy and feng shui

MEDIA - Markettiers with M&C Saatchi - Homebase

UK DIY Store Homebase developed the 'Love your Home' campaign, teaming up with leading Interiors Therapist and author Suzanne Roynon.

The campaign connected with the urge to declutter and start afresh with well-chosen storage in the New Year. With support from the teams at Markettiers and M&C Saatchi to create a comprehensive print and broadcast media package. 

The campaign achieved 28 excellent interviews on national and local radio and a regional TV interview. Suzanne provided clear, well-written deliverables leading high levels of print and online coverage including a major article on the BBC's Headspace website.

READY TO SELL - Legatees, Midlands

When we inherited our father’s house it was the kind of place which caused goosebumps. It felt heavy and bitter. 

With Suzanne’s care, guidance and hard work we changed the energy and the house ‘came alive’ again.  It sold three days after her visit, exceeding our expectations on price and baffling the estate agent who had predicted a long wait for a buyer.

Interiors Therapy makes house buying easier