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Take your understanding of your home to a new level with Flying Stars Feng Shui.

Feng Shui connects your home or business to the energy of the earth. 

A practice dating back over 5000 years, Feng Shui is used by the major banks, global corporations like Nike and Coca Cola, and exquisite luxury hotels and venues around the world. 

Feng Shui connects your home to the energy of the earth on which it is builtFeng Shui connects your home to the energy of the earth on which it is built

Ways To Work With Feng Shui 


Many celebrities use Feng Shui to create a beautiful nurturing home environment which supports their private and family life whilst enabling them to thrive with confidence in their profession or career.

You'll also find top business-people and successful entrepreneurs invest in Feng Shui for their homes and business to build their reputation and inspire further success.

The great thing is, Feng Shui is for everyone. You don't need a mansion, it works for any space from the smallest studio apartment to the largest home.

It's important to remember that even the most valuable properties can have bad Feng Shui. Bad fortune, divorce, traumatic incidents, family breakdown, financial problems, health issues and reputational damage are all evidence of bad Feng Shui.

So if you've experienced any of these issues in your current home, it's a good time to do something about it.

Your Flying Stars Feng Shui report will define whether your house is;

  • Good for People and Good for Money
  • Good for People and Bad for Money
  • Bad for People and Good for Money
  • Bad for People and Bad for Money

And give you all the information you need to instill balance and harmony in your home.

With two in-person video consultations to guide and advise you, advice on where to find and position any necessary remedies and a new report for the following year, you have all you need to create a happy and auspicious home regardless of the house type you are living in.

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What happens next?

Complete the questionnaire

A detailed questionnaire to give information on the property, your current situation and the aspects of your life you want to change for the better.

Report preparation

Using the information provided in your questionaire, I prepare a unique and comprehensive report to explain how to enhance your home for love, wealth, health, career, travel, knowledge, family and relationships. This usually takes 7-10 days.

Video Consultation

Once you have received and read the report we get together on video to talk through any questions you may have and provide inspiration for choosing and locating the remedies you require.

Video Home Tour

After you've had time to install your remedies and allow them to settle we connect for a video tour of your home to review the changes which have already happened and make any necessary tweaks.

Membership of InteriorsTherapy.Com

Including access to the Facebook group, hints, tips and inside information on Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui and early bird offers with great savings.

Year 2 Report

The Feng Shui placement in your home changes each year on or around 6 February. We want to be sure your home continues to support and nurture you, so we provide your 2nd annual report for the same property as our gift to you.

VIP Rate for Year 3 Onwards

Feng Shui supports your new lifestyle to such a degree that you'll notice a shift in the energy of your home when the Chinese solar year changes on or around 6 February. We want your wealth, health and relationships to stay on track, so you receive a VIP rate for all future annual reports for the same property, This is currently £150, a saving of 50% 

Are you ready to upgrade

your life with the power of Feng Shui?

Yes Please!

I ordered a report because since moving to a new house everything seemed to be unnecessarily difficult and stressful.


The report arrived in June. By July my partner had proposed, in August I won a holiday and September bought a financial windfall. I'm excited to see what comes next.

- LH, Chesham, Buckinghamshire