Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Clutter

You have smart kids - lead by example!

Sep 04, 2021

The whole concept of Interiors Therapy is to surround yourself with items you use, need or love.

Like many women, I love shoes. 

I’m not at the Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City, whole room for shoes level, but every girl has at least five pairs of dance shoes right?

So why, do I find so many shoe baskets and boxes in entrance halls, bedrooms, bathrooms?

They are rammed tight with a jumble of trainers, heels, boots, deck shoes….   Not just in busy family homes, but also the otherwise pristine homes of successful professionals.

People invest in these really neat shoe storage combos, baskets with benches or an Ali Baba snake charming extravaganza and then treat their shoes with such disrespect.

Shoes won’t stay in perfect condition and be available exactly when you need them if you just chuck them in a box or basket.  

It’s just messing up your life for no good reason.

Parents often say their kids are incapable of putting shoes away neatly. Really? You have smart kids, so lead by example!  

Mornings are a lot less stressful if school shoes and football boots have a designated space where they live as a pair. 

It’s a win for everyone! No more dumping out the basket contents by the front door to find the elusive single shoe.

The shoe basket is a legendary hiding place for outgrown and uncomfortable shoes. You don’t need them and they get more battered with every year. And yes, I do mean years! 

By organizing your shoe basket or better still keeping your shoes where you can notice which pairs are unworn, you can pass them on to someone who will use them and clear a little space for some really fabulous replacements!