Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui

Word images

Sep 02, 2021

Many clients want to draw Feng Shui energy into their homes without it being abundantly obvious they have done so. 

It’s preferable to have a delightful welcoming space which feels good to spend time in, rather than a space crammed with items which might enhance the Feng Shui but look completely out of place and feel uncomfortable.

For some rooms, word images are a neat way of embracing Feng Shui and triggering a positive response when you notice the word or statement.

Particular favourites include ‘inspire’, ‘create’, ‘believe’ and ‘make it happen’ for an office space.

‘Love’ often features in bedrooms or the relationship area of a home. Love is a great word to display because it encompasses family and friends and loving oneself, as well as romantic partners. 

Think of how the words ‘joy’, ‘happy’, ‘fun’, ‘enjoy’ or ‘delight’ make you feel when you read them. If they raise your energy then they might also be an option.

‘Relax’, ‘bubble’, ‘let’s get naked’ and ‘indulge’ work well in a bathroom or ensuite.

Try ‘smile’ in children’s rooms or family areas. ‘Dance on the table’, ‘thankful’, ‘home’, ‘family’, ‘live, laugh, love’ and ‘life is good’.

‘Adventure’ might be your choice for the travel area or perhaps ‘explore’, ‘beach’

‘Applause’, ‘believe’, ‘stardust’, ‘grateful’ for fame and reputation.

There are so many gorgeous options available to use words around your home. Adhesive decals give you the choice of phrases or sentences. Decorative signs can be made of lights, wood, metal, even fabric.

Find something you like on Etsy, Not on the High Street, Amazon, Ebay and in local stores.