Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Relationships

Why would you weaponise a kitchen?

Sep 06, 2020

An Interiors Therapy Masterclass student sent me a photo of this knife stand she’d seen in the home of a friend.

Her comment was

“No wonder she has migraines and her husband has heart problems”

I agreed. It did rather sum up their situation.

In Interiors Therapy, we use basic Feng Shui and assess the impact of possessions. My student suggested to her friend that the knife block sat in the health area of the home and was doing an excellent job of damaging the occupants. 

The friend said it was nonsense, and anyway, she thought the knife block was funny. 

When her husband annoyed her, she took pleasure in inserting the knives…. Go figure!

Actually, it wasn’t the first time I’d seen this little piece of ‘kitchen art’. It’s been there in the homes of people who developed digestive conditions and also a very sad case where a much loved grandad died from a malignant brain tumour.

It’s also featured in the home of a minor celebrity whose career was cut short. 

Her kitchen was in the fame and reputation area.

These are my personal experiences of this particular ‘novelty’ item . In every case it had been received as a gift which foreshadowed the impact on its owner’s health.

Quietly I also have concerns about the impact on kids and teens seeing this on a regular basis in their home, or indeed for anyone who is struggling with their mental equilibrium. It triggers a very destructive message.

Is it being controversial to say I wouldn’t give it house room for a single second? Of course it’s about personal choice, but I’d be raising an eyebrow if any client decided to keep it after understanding the Interiors Therapy perspective.

In any case, I always recommend that knife blocks are kept in a cupboard and only taken out for cooking, or disposed of completely in preference for keeping knives safely in a drawer.

Whether they look like this stabbed man or are fashioned from a chunk of beautiful wood. Why would you knowingly weaponise a kitchen?