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Why the Mucky Mansion will break Katie Price

Mar 09, 2022

The Feng Shui of the infamous property was a disaster from the start

As an Interiors Therapy expert, I use Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui to predict potential positive and negative circumstances in a building, so out of curiosity I ran a detailed Feng Shui assessment of Platts Green House.

The accuracy of the findings even astonished me. This the article drafted for a national newspaper:

Since moving into Platts Green House near Horsham, a home she says she hates, Price has seen her £43million fortune diminish to less than £1million. She also experienced mental and emotional health issues, the end of her marriage to Kieran Hayler following infidelity and a series of short-lived relationships. She is currently engaged to Love Island star Carl Wood.

Viewers of TV’s Through the Keyhole were appalled by the squalid, cluttered surroundings in which Katie, a mother of five, and her family were living in. She has since documented her struggle to manage the clothes, mess and possessions which engulfed her home.

Classical Feng Shui and International Interiors Therapy Expert Suzanne Roynon believes the former glamour model’s choice of home contributed to her downward financial and emotional spiral from the day she moved in.

“Its location next to a busy road and awkward access means the positive energy every home needs to flourish is bypassing the house at high speed” says Roynon. “In addition, the derelict land surrounding the house and stagnant swimming pool drains the life force and amplifies negative energy.”

Roynon describes the interior of the house as oppressive and gloomy. “This type of living environment will often attract clutter, rubbish and mess” she says “and this wasn’t a new thing for the house. The previous owner, former MP and Tory grandee Sir Francis Maude, talked about having to deal with 18 years of clutter in a newspaper article before he moved out and estate agency photos show the house was already fading and unloved before Katie bought it in 2014 - although it’s got a lot worse since then.” 

Roynon emphasises “The visible water damage from leaks and broken pipes around the property suggests money draining away long after the leak has been repaired. Elsewhere the exposed beams and sloping eaves will have contributed to a feeling of pressure, causing headaches, irritability, overwhelm, stress and chronic pain for anyone sitting or sleeping under them regularly.” She continues.

But for Katie and her family the problems caused by Platts Green House went much deeper.

Roynon explains,” In Feng Shui we recognise four different house types.

·      Good for People and Good for Money

·      Good for People and Bad for Money

·      Bad for People and Good for Money

·      Bad for People and Bad for Money

Katie Price’s house is classified as ‘Bad for People and Bad for Money’ and to add to their woes, the floorplan is an unsupportive irregular shape which means all areas of her life are going to be a struggle.”

Feng Shui has been used in China and the Far East for over 5000 years. The classical Flying Stars method Roynon uses for her consultations involves an in-depth study of the location of the property, the period in which it was built and land features nearby. A grid of nine squares known as a Bagua is laid over the floorplan of the house to identify the compass direction of each area.

Looking deeper into the Feng Shui of the 1930s Arts and Crafts style house, Roynon explains how much of Katie Price’s current situation was predicted by the energy of the house;

“The South of the home represents Fame and Reputation” says Roynon. “The Feng Shui energy in this area of Platts Green House is best described as the ‘disaster combination’. Living with this is an uphill struggle. It can be remedied, but if left unresolved then it will lead to one crisis after another.

For Katie, her reputation has been under constant pressure and she is a regular victim of trolls online. A Channel 4 television series about renovating the house was released to wide ranging criticism early in 2022.

“South West is about love and relationships,” explains Roynon, “a significant part of this area is missing due to the peculiar shape of the building and this will compromise any relationship, not just with a partner, but also friends, family and in business. The specific south west energy combination at Platt Green House highlights quarrels, lawsuits and is extremely bad for any company owned by the occupant or registered there.”

Aside from her failed relationships and two of her children living elsewhere, Katie Price is experiencing her second Bankruptcy. Looking back at Companies House records, many businesses registered at the house by the previous owner, retired MP Francis Maude, were dissolved.

“The West reflects new beginnings, projects and children, Roynon continues, the whole of the west area is missing from Katie’s house. This means nothing can be done to mitigate the predisposition to issues with taxes, insurance, lawsuits and gossip.”

Katie Price has a significant amount of unpaid tax which led to legal issues and bankruptcy. An Insurance claim may have resulted from her home being burgled and vandalized.

“It’s not all bad.” says Roynon, “The North West is all about Travel and Helpful friends. Much of the energy here is favorable and it’s good for real estate. However, during a ‘5’ year like 2022 (in Feng Shui years are recorded in a cycle from 1-9), there is a high risk of fire so extra precautions should be taken.”

Despite all the challenges she has experienced, Katie has enjoyed numerous luxury holidays whilst living in the house. However, in September 2020 fire caused damage to the exterior of the property. This was the second time the house had caught fire since Katie and her family moved in and she described the place as ‘cursed’.

Roynon continues, “The North represents career and life path. This area is particularly good for money in Katie’s home but it’s unfavorable for young men.”

There’s no question Katie works hard and before she moved to the house she had amassed a huge fortune and became internationally famous. However, Platts Green House has been a difficult environment for her eldest son Harvey and middle son Junior lives with his father, the singer Peter Andre.

“The North East supports knowledge and spirituality. Half of this area is missing in Katie’s house which will have caused problems for education for the children and may mean Katie feels quite disconnected from her inner peace” explains Roynon. “The particular Feng Shui energy here suggests the quality of a life partner cannot be guaranteed in any house which is also bad for money and bad for people.”

Katie has had a chequered history with relationships since becoming famous in her teens. Whilst living at Platts Green House she had a series of partners until she met Carl Wood to whom she is now engaged, although the more time she spends at Platts Green House, the greater the pressure on her relationship. She spent many months in Carl’s rented home which has provided a more stable and loving environment for love to blossom.

“The East represents the family, previous generations and community” says Roynon. “In Katie’s house the Feng Shui indicates this part of the house is bad for children and bad for money and is best avoided. This is unfortunate as it includes part of the kitchen, hall, stairs and front door. Roynon’s feng shui assessment also highlighted the risk of injuries to limbs.

Regular viewers of Katie’s YouTube channel will know she spent a lot of time in her kitchen and her enormous fridge sits in the East area of her home. In 2020 Katie broke both feet in a horror accident whilst on holiday in Turkey. Her daughter Princess broke her arm whilst riding and partner Carl broke his hand in a freak gym incident in March 2021.

“On the bright side” explains Roynon,“The South East represents money, wealth, abundance and good fortune and in Katie’s house it’s another space with positive money energy. However there’s also a danger of head related afflictions and diseases. If the space in Katie’s house had been balanced with a feng shui remedy to support her finances, this would have been very favourable.”

Aside from Katie’s money issues, she has struggled with her mental and emotional health in recent months, leading to both her family and lawyer raising concerns for her wellbeing. Her friends described her as ‘mentally fragile’ after she rolled her car whilst under the influence of cocaine and alcohol - despite being banned from driving and uninsured.

“Finally the centre of the home inspires good health, but once again” says Roynon, “the specific energy in Katie’s home lets her down. The feng shui gives a probability of competition at work, general misfortune and the threat of injury by knives.”

It’s fair to say Katie Price has reached the age where competition from other models and celebrities will be a constant concern. Even so, Katie has experienced more than average levels of misfortune since moving to Platts Green House, however most of the knife incisions have been self inflicted as a result of her obsession with cosmetic surgery. Since moving in, she’s had two face lifts, a breast reduction and then breast enhancement, lip lift, butt lift, liposuction, eye shaping and regular maintenance procedures for her face and body. 

“The sad thing is,” says Roynon, “if Katie Price had invested in a Feng Shui assessment before she bought the property, she would have been forearmed and might have gone elsewhere. Even if she called in a classical Feng Shui expert after her move, they would have recommended remedies to make the most of the house as it was, or better still, with some carefully planned alterations to the property, it could have been transformed into a ‘good for money, good for people’ home in which she and her family would have lived comfortably and happily.”

Roynon emphasises that every house has its own unique Feng Shui energy and it’s rare to find a home as unlucky as Platts Green House. She believes every home can benefit from the balance and harmony which comes with classical Feng Shui to improve health, wealth, opportunities and relationships. Her practice provides pre-purchase assessments as well as Feng Shui reports and Interiors Therapy advice for homes across the UK and internationally.

So what’s next for Platts Green House? It will soon be listed for sale to offset Katie’s mounting debts and in its current unkempt state is likely to sell for considerably less than other similar sized properties in this sought-after area.

Roynon believes by changing the energy of the house and restoring the derelict land around the property along with the judicious use of classical Feng Shui, it might just gain a new lease of life. But would she live there?

“Not a chance” she says with a grimace. “The land has been traumatized, the underlying feng shui of the current building is nasty and it’s falling apart. I think the best thing would be to demolish and start again. By locating a new build house in an auspicious direction, the new owners can enjoy good health and prosper in this beautiful part of the country.”

Suzanne Roynon is the author of ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’.