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Why it pays to check remedies after changing things up at home

Nov 02, 2023

Chatting with a client, she mentioned she feels disconnected from her home and family.

She put her property on the market earlier this year and didn’t get the interest she hoped for. With only one viewing all summer, it was clear the house wasn’t happy or attractive to potential buyers.

This meant she lost a potential new build she was excited about.

Ever since then home hasn’t felt ‘like home’.

We had a quick video walk-around to check her remedies against this year’s floorplan.


We realised she had left a fire remedy in place where metal is required in 2023, although she had put the metal in place – fire melts metal, so she was accidentally sabotaging the area dedicated to ‘New Beginnings’

Next, the very simple remedy for the Family gua had been forgotten on two floors – she had rushed her implementation back in February.

And that’s exactly when things started feeling a bit ‘off’.

The feng shui for the entire house was out of balance, this will have contributed to deterring potential buyers from even viewing the place and ensured my client felt stuck and out of sorts with everything happening around her. It also explained why family life had been so unfulfilling.

So during our call we rectified the immediate stuff and she made a commitment to do the rest the next day.

And suddenly she is smiling again!

So what can we all learn from this?

  1. If things don’t ‘feel right’ or you feel stuck, check your remedies are in place.

  2. When making changes to a house, even new kitchens and bathrooms, a home can be sensitive to changing house-type – we’re seeing this more and more. If the remedies are all in the right places, contact your practitioner and get the place reassessed.

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