Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui

Why firm foundations matter

Jun 01, 2021

Look at these amazing tree roots – they are so firmly anchored into the soil, more than 2 metres down from the place where the trunk appears from the earth.

This strength of this the tree on the left is remarkable. Even though the soil is has been eroded through rain and the position on the side of a narrow lane, the tree is healthy, robust, resilient and beautiful.

It has developed firm foundations which, despite the challenges life has thrown at it, are keeping it safe, stable and ready to deal with anything.

It summarises how a home can be with Interiors Therapy.

The second tree, there on the right, is in a pretty woodland. The soil is deep and rich, sunlight dapples through branches and bluebell shoots are sparking through the leaf mould ready to turn the copse into a sea of purple in a couple of weeks time.

This tree was young, straight and tall. Self-set from the seed of an earlier version, you’d think it had everything going for it – the rest of the wood is full of thriving examples.

But the roots on this tree were weak. Despite great odds, with a perfect location and soil conditions, and plenty of shelter from the wind, the tree fell.

It wasn’t even that wet or windy, but it hadn’t invested in creating a foundation firm enough to see it through a storm. It looked great on the surface but underneath, there was nothing holding it together.

These two trees show how important it is to have a strong base. That translates into the home too – it’s what we aim to achieve with Interiors Therapy.

But like the tree with no roots, many homes are witnessing the end of relationships, family challenges and emotional breakdowns. Their owners didn’t invest in the firm foundations their lifestyle deserved.

Interiors Therapy is an easy way to lay the foundations which prevent life falling apart.   It’s never too late.