Why does Interiors Therapy make you magnetic?

Jul 07, 2021

At first I thought it was just my imagination.

It was back in 2018 during that reflective time around New Year.

I looked back at each occasion when I’d fine-tuned my Interiors Therapy and realised how the things I had wanted had turned up soon afterwards.

It wasn’t always an improvement in the relationship situation, sometimes it was a financial windfall or an apparently random opportunity, and without fail, they turned up once the Interiors Therapy process had been completed.

So I extended my thoughts outwards, as you do, and thought about other people I had worked with.

At this time, Interiors Therapy was something I did just with friends, or people referred to me by them. It was all very low-key while I worked in a role which whilst worthy, ultimately didn’t feed my soul.

Contemplating those people I’d worked with, some of whom dated back over 20 years, the same patterns cropped up on repeat;

·      New loving relationships

·      Marriages

·      Longed for babies being conceived against all odds

·      Promotions after years being invisible

·      Amazing new jobs – even one which called for an ‘Instagramable office with a free luxury gym’

·      Increased prosperity – sometimes on a massive scale and often from an unexpected source

·      Transformation for the better in health, weight loss, emotional wellbeing

·      New homes which exceeded all expectations

·      Choosing a more positive attitude to life

And that last one, choosing a more positive attitude to life, is probably the one which triggers the magnetism.

So what do I mean by that?

Have you ever walked along a street and found people just looked at you, said hello and smiled (in a good way!) as though you were a treasured friend they were delighted to see.

OK, this might happen in a small town if you are well known and popular. But walking down 5th Avenue on a winter’s afternoon, or strolling on 34th Street in Midtown on a scorching summer morning? On both of those visits to NYC I was treated like THE most popular celebrity in town… without saying a word.

But why? I wasn’t a celebrity and didn’t stand out from the crowd. I was a 50something lady who happened to be visiting her daughter and exploring somewhere new. Simply an unknown face in a foreign city with a ‘je ne sais quoi’ it seemed I could switch on and off at will.

It was great fun… but that’s another story!

So getting back to those clients and their magnetic experiences; just like episodes of ‘Friends’ they each have their subtitle.

The one where the girl met the man she married.

The one where the guy was deluged with female company after years alone.

The one where the couple had a baby after time had run out.

The one where the divorcee imagined her perfect man, turned a corner and bumped into him.

The one where the house sold for thousands over the asking price

The one where the Insurance company suddenly paid up after 3 years saying ‘no’.

The one with the huge promotion.

The one with the lottery win…

There are lots more. I shared some of the stories in my book ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’ and now I get emails from readers telling me how the magnetism happened for them.

I thought about writing another book – but right now, I’m happy encouraging people to make their own magic happen.

I love my job!