Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Relationships

When art mirrors life...

Sep 25, 2021

Lauren had left her husband – he didn’t take it well.

Whether you call it a toxic relationship, coercive control, abuse or anything else,

Lauren’s ex wasn’t planning to let her walk away and take their kids.

So he went in hard with solicitors, social services and massive pressure on Lauren to make out she was a bad mother.

But she’s a great mum with a professional job and lots of responsibility

So it was going ok for Lauren until she moved to a new place

She bought some pictures to brighten it up

She didn’t think about the images, just the colours.

Then he claimed she was a drinker – this was new. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

He suggested she wasn’t fit to look after the children

He said she was an alcoholic

And social services believed him

But she wasn’t a drinker, there wasn’t any booze in the house.

She always fancied a glass of wine before bed, but never had one

Her friends knew she rarely drank, even when the kids were with their Dad

No one had ever seen her drunk

He sent in the police, claiming she was drunk in charge of the kids – she was sober…

But social services still believed him, despite all the evidence to the contrary

The court awarded temporary custody to the man

She was devastated, so were the kids

She called me in

We looked at the art she had chosen, especially the huge painting of wine bottles on the stairs

She took it down and put it by the dustbin.

Someone took it…

She went back to court. The man’s allegations fell apart. The judge called him a liar

The kids came home

They are happy.

Look at the art in your home – is it mirroring your life too?