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When a red blanket spelled Disaster

Jul 11, 2022

Years ago I read an article about a woman whose life was transformed when she put a red throw on her bed.

Her relationship reignited, she received a huge bonus and everything in her life turned around.

“Great” I thought, and rushed out to buy a red throw.


You see, back then I didn’t understand how the Feng Shui is unique to a home. 

What was so stratospherically life changing for the woman in the magazine was a total disaster for me, my home and my family.


Fortunately I got the message and the throw was ejected faster than Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

It took me a while longer to get to grips with the individual Feng Shui of a property and why red, orange, hot pink, purple or hot yellow in the ‘wrong’ part of a home can burn all the good energy out of a building and the people who live or work in it.

Now when I see pictures of rooms and bedrooms online, I understand why so many people are exhausted, stressed and burned out.

It’s obvious why relationships fizzle out and sleep is fractured… their homes aren’t igniting love and passion, they are turning people's love life to ash.

What is your home doing to you?

Is it time you found out?