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What are you emotionally anchored to?

Sep 30, 2021

Is it a Person? Situation? Past Experience?

I work with a huge variety of people and each is unique.

Yes they might have similar intentions for the outcome of their Interiors Therapy;

· Love

· Money

· Success

· Happiness

· Health

· Contribution

It’s a microcosm of #Maslow

But every home belongs to an individual — and whether it’s a spacious country house, apartment, condo or temporary room in a shared house (and everything in between)...

Each person has attachments which hold them tightly in the past.

I want to stress, my amazing clients are not hoarders. That’s another specialism altogether!

My clients are mostly successful in their field; creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, writers, journalists, wealthy retirees, professional men and women (or their ex wives and husbands) who are stuck in a place they don’t want to be.

No … I’m not suggesting they want to move house, although some might ultimately do so.

What links my remarkable clients is an acknowledgement that, regardless of their income, level of attractiveness, background, location or career; something, which matters greatly, eludes them. The success they experience professionally isn’t matched in their personal life.

Everything they’ve tried nibbled at the problem, but ultimately didn’t solve it.

Maybe it was coaching, mentoring, therapy, psychoanalysis, counseling, hobbies, websites, serial dating, serial marriage(!), matchmakers, sports cars, yoga, apps, throwing themselves into work and so much more.

No matter what they did, an invisible obstacle barred the way.

Then someone, often a friend, lawyer or coach quietly recommends something new. Perhaps they saw an article, heard a broadcast or read my book… one way or another they find their way to Interiors Therapy and whoosh…

Everything starts to change.

They begin to identify the stuff holding them in their past. Items hidden away and forgotten, sometimes for decades.

Possessions right there in plain sight — quite literally revealing the writing on the wall.

You can almost hear the slap of forehead hitting hand as the enormity of everything they have been holding onto sinks in.

When they recognise and deal with those possessions, small or large, deeply personal or totally irrelevant… everything starts to shift. That’s when the fun starts.

Suddenly life is brighter. The world is a better place and home truly feels like home.

Then brilliantly they discover that the other professionals they’ve been working with — the mentors and coaches, lawyers and teachers, the counselors and therapists — notice their transformation too and almost without effort longstanding goals are achieved.

Their perspective on the part of their life which was blocked goes through a change.

Then, sometimes imperceptibly and more often with astonishing speed, the void is filled in a healthy, nurturing and inspiring way.

And that’s why I love what I do!