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Vinyl - it all stax up

Sep 02, 2021

It’s so great that vinyl and record decks are making a come-back. Listening to my singles and albums was a huge part of growing up, and no CD or (perish the thought) download, ever came close to the thrill of listening whilst perusing the artwork on my cherished records.

I know many people feel the same about their vinyl, and like everything in Interiors Therapy, if you actively use your treasured discs, FANTASTIC! That’s the basic premise of my work – you keep the things you use and love around you and you make space for new energy to come to you by clearing anything which doesn’t serve you.

When I work with a client who cherishes their vinyl, it’s abundantly clear. The deck, amp and speakers are accessible and obviously used on a regular basis. Often some amazing new music is playing when I arrive and it’s ideal to keep us going during a consultation.

On the other hand, if we find the vinyl crammed so tight on a shelf the discs are warped and a deck hidden under piles of paperwork, layered in dust, tucked vertically down the side of a cupboard or lost in a sea of abandoned technology, it’s a big hint that the owner probably isn’t using it… and that’s where I ask questions like “When did you last use this?” “Do you plan to use it in future?” and ultimately if the client has no intention of ever returning to vinyl, “Why are you keeping this?”

No matter how ‘in’ vinyl is right now, if it’s not a part of a client’s life and their unloved collection is taking valuable space in their home, it can be empowering to choose to say goodbye.

One of my friends is a musician with a vinyl collection which has traveled the world. He appreciates every pop, fuzz and crackle on the precious originals he has collected over the years. No wonder his first album came out on vinyl with the fanfare and reviews it richly deserved.

That said, music is an incredibly powerful memory trigger. Everyone has certain songs, tracks, even symphonies which remind them of particular people and situations. Some will be good, others bad.  

I always recommend parting with anything which brings you down or reminds you of difficult periods in your life. 

If you want a fresh start, there is no value in keeping the album your ex played on repeat. You really can manage without it, even if you do choose to keep the rest of your vinyl because maybe one day you might just invest in a new deck!