Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Relationships

Use Feng Shui to connect a fractured home

Oct 04, 2021

Understanding HOW a home responds to Feng Shui is rarely the goal of my clients, any more than knowing the intricacies of how electricity works when you flick the switch.

Their goal is using Feng Shui to ensure the home RESPONDS POSITIVELY to the remedies and attention it receives

So clients see and feel the benefits of the changes they have made. That’s something we work on together.

With most homes there’s one ‘bagua’ or Feng Shui map to work with. It’s simple and straightforward to see which areas of the home require a remedy.

Remedies could be metal, water, earth, wood or fire and one of the most enjoyable parts of the process is to come up with a creative, visually rewarding way to install the remedy so it works beautifully and unobtrusively with the space.

More complex homes might require two baguas. The one I’m currently working on requires three!

The client has explained how their home/life balance is out of kilter, the businesses they own have been significantly less successful since extending the property to add two new sections, and a new commercial venture is hitting obstacles at every turbulent stage.

Money, communication and relationships within the family are strained and it sometimes feels as though everything is working against them. 

Looking at their floorplan, I’m not surprised.

Their home has three specific spaces, none of which have blended comfortably with the others. The place feels disjointed and disconnected, mirroring the lives of the people who live there.

In 2021 and 2022 there is a significant requirement for additional metal in every home to connect the building to the energy of the land and create more positive outcomes, especially in the south east which relates to wealth and blessings and is under significant pressure this year as it was in 2020.

That said, every home is unique and it’s not as simple as bunging a chunk of metal into the south east of your house and assuming that’s the job done! There always has to be balance and that’s why having a professional Feng Shui report makes such a difference, regardless of the size of the house or apartment.

Metal remedies have to be carefully curated – you really wouldn’t want a metal bed-frame cutting into your energy and distorting your sleep patterns for example, but a piece of metal artwork or cast iron weight concealed under a piece of furniture can work wonders in a part of the home where metal is required. 

So for my client, having a home with three baguas means a minimum of 27 areas which potentially need a remedy – more where there are two floors…

This gives her a wonderful opportunity to use her imagination to bring her home together energetically so she and her partner can see their lives and businesses thrive again.

I’m so excited to see how this works out for them when all the remedies are in place.

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