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Ulrika's Dating Success Hinges on her Home

Aug 27, 2022

Reality star Ulrika Jonsson talks regularly about her disastrous relationships, dating challenges and most recently being banned from the Hinge dating app.


As an Interiors Therapy expert, I specialise in helping women find great relationships by identifying how their home is holding them back.


With just a glance at the photos of Ulrika’s home (you can find them in articles online), I’m truly not surprised Ulrika has yet to find a real connection with someone worthy of her.


Let’s take a look around;


The priority for a bedroom is to be a place of rest, romance and rejuvenation and even in a family home, a sanctuary which feels special, nurturing and loved. In Ulrika’s case, her bedroom is actively working against her desire to achieve balanced and harmonious love in almost every way.

The bed doesn’t have a solid headboard, so when Ulrika slips under the duvet she will feel vulnerable and unprotected. She won’t achieve the quality of sleep she needs and that will impact on her health and wellbeing. The bed also appears unbalanced, which will compromise any new relationship. The dark blue/grey colour scheme is likely to create an emotional rollercoaster, with tears before bed, anxiety and overwhelm being part of daily life.


Around the rest of the house, the cluttered surfaces and busy rooms will cause problems in a multitude of ways, with stress, tension and frustration impacting the everyone in the home.


In Feng Shui terms, this is a particularly challenging year for health conditions in every dwelling so keeping the space clear and fresh, especially in the centre of the home is the best way to stay well. There are specific Feng Shui remedies we add to the centre of a home in a difficult year like this one, and with Ulrika’s long-documented health issues, she and her house would definitely benefit from implementing them.


Getting specific on the dating front, Ulrika has a number of Buddha statues around the house. There’s no suggestion she’s a practicing Buddhist, and they wouldn’t be on display if she was, so it’s likely Ulrika is encountering the same issues other women experience when they keep images of the spiritual deity in their homes. For so many of them, loneliness, celibacy and financial challenges have overtaken their lives... but when they use Interiors Therapy and donate the Buddha statues and pictures appropriately, things simply get better,


The art I’ve seen within Ulrika’s home amplifies solitude and unhappiness, and whilst family photos are to be treasured, putting them in the wrong place for Feng Shui can backfire. 


There are so many other red flags – too many to include here, but overall, the look and feel of Ulrika’s home does not promote health, harmony or an intimate loving relationship, it’s more likely to create tension, friction and distance between the occupants.


That’s a theme which seems to have followed her through life and I wonder how many of her possessions have moved with her through her various homes and relationships. 


It’s not the end of the world though, I have tremendous results with women finding what’s missing from their lives and attracting happiness, success and lasting love with my help.


I hope Ulrika finds it too.



You can book an in-person video consultation for your home with me or a member of my team and within 30 minutes understand how the place you live in may be compromising your success.