Mindset Clutter

Turning s#it to Gold

Oct 17, 2020

“It’s been a sh*t year” said a prospective client yesterday. “My work is sh*t, my relationship turned to sh*t and my home is full of sh*t. What can you do to help me?”

Well quite a lot as it turns out, but that’s another story. Instead I want to focus on the difference between good sh*t and bad sh*t!

You see, for some people sh*t is gold!  For a farmer, gathering up a stinking pile of doo-doo and then spreading it on his land makes grass and crops grow. It’s a deliberate action. The sh*t is recycled into a valuable fertilizer.

And there’s an added bonus for a savvy farmer. From my window I watch a tractor delivering piles of sh*t to the allotments. The farmer will be paid for each heap – quite literally making money out of sh*t.

And those allotment holders? Are they going to leave the dung sitting on the edge of their garden or store it? Absolutely not, why would they waste money on sh*t without purpose? They use it, need it and love it and are going to dig it into their plot to improve soil quality and vegetable output.

Unlike the things we hang on to in our homes, for farmers and gardeners sh*t isn’t kept indefinitely for the sake of it, ‘just in case’ or because it belonged to someone else. It is kept with purpose and is used within a set timescale.

In Interiors Therapy we deal with a lot of Sh*t. Of course, initially it doesn’t seem like sh*t at all. 

Most of the time people spend a lot of money investing in something which turned to sh*t because it stopped working the way they want it to, holds them in the past or restricts them. 

It impacts on their daily life, physical environment, their subconscious thinking and attitude to everything happening around them.

That’s when sh*t gets real and hurts the people who hold onto it – like my new client from yesterday.

It’s often a challenge to notice how the once precious item is now actively creating the bad kind of sh*t no one needs in their lives… until they actually stop and look at it.

Just as with a farmer, your bad sh*t can be gold when recycled and passed on to others. And offloading it (with or without a tractor) will allow gold into your life on so many levels.

So what sh*t can you deal with today?

Review your sh*t with purpose and transform it into gold.

If your sh*t is overwhelming. If 2020 is making you wonder how much more sh*t is going to land on you, then let’s talk. Your home is going to be holding the sh*ttyness around you. By taking action on your Interiors Therapy now, you can glide with purpose into a sh*t-free 2021!