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It's time for the GOOD times

Oct 31, 2022

When you’ve had enough of the rough times where you’re just ‘coping’ rather than thriving, and you’ve realised life can be better, and want it to be so, it’s the ideal time to make some changes so you get to enjoy the smooth and make it your permanent lifestyle choice.

I originally wrote this for a contact who found shifting out of the doldrums and back into a positive frame of mind was a challenge. It's crammed with useful information and too good to keep under wraps!



1.      Ditch anything in the home which brings you down. We’re digging into the impact on your subconscious thinking of all those cards, photos, gifts and possessions which you;


  •  Don’t really like
  • Remind you of someone or something which makes you feel bad or sad
  • Gifts you received but keep out of obligation rather than because you like them (ugly vases given as wedding presents fall into this category!)
  • Clothes you wore on a bad date or at a deeply distressing time – they will remind you of it even if you just glance at them in the wardrobe.


And whatever else you can find!


2.      If the bedroom is a little stale, freshen it up to invite in balance and harmony. 


  • Review underbed storage and limit it to linens and out of season clothes (no shoes, books, tech or paperwork)
  •  Use matching nightstands, lamps and, if the room allows it, position the bed centrally against a solid wall to create a sense of stability and equilibrium
  •  Have a strong and comfortable headboard for the bed. This adds to sleep quality and reduces feelings of vulnerability during the night.
  •  If the relationship has been through a rough time (and after the end of a relationship) change all the bedlinen, duvet, pillows and if possible the mattress. After a really traumatic time, ditch the bed and start again. This is especially relevant after a divorce.
  • Anything which doesn’t belong in a space dedicated to rest, romance and relaxation should not be in there. Including; photos of the family, work related stuff, exercise equipment, anything which triggers unhappy memories


3.      Notice where you are if things get a little tense and set out to shift the stagnant energy which will have amassed there.

  •     Check for clutter and deal with it
  •     Review any art or decor items which may be mirroring what’s happening in life in a bad way
  •  Deep clean and deal with any cobwebs, dust etc. These are visible signs of sluggish or dormant energy
  •  Keep mirrors shining brightly and smudge free. If a mirror has reflected something terrible, consider letting it go.


4.      Identify which areas of your life could really do with a boost and activate the Feng Shui of your home to help them;


Career:                             North

Relationship:                   South West

Finances:                          South East

Fame and Reputation:   South

The Fresh Start:                            West

Health and Wellbeing:   Centre

Travel and Friendships: North West

Family:                              East

Knowledge/Spirituality: North East


It’s often possible to identify where someone is struggling just by looking around their home and identifying red flags.


  •  As before, clear any clutter – permanently. Interiors Therapy is incredibly effective at making this happen so the clutter doesn’t creep back in a month or so.

  • Enjoy a tidy and organised space rather than thinking ‘chaos is better’ (it isn’t – it screws with your brain)

  • Notice any single images, items or art which reinforce the sense of being alone or unsupported. They won’t help a relationship or someone who would like to being in a healthy emotional place to move forward into something new

  •  Read up on the ways to activate Feng Shui areas to support you (that would take longer than a couple of quick ideas and I’d want to get specific on what you choose to bring into your life!)

Book a 30 minute freebie inspiration session – a video walk around of your space to get a detached perspective of what might be going on in the home. Because home is the foundation of everything it’s much harder to change things for the better, if everything in the home remains the same.


I hope that gives you something to think about as you groove into your smooth, happier, more satisfying life.