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The Treasure Box - as individual as you

Jun 21, 2020

In the far distant past, before email, Facebook and mobile phones, when you had to wait until after 6pm to get a cheaper rate on the landline and hope your Dad didn’t notice you’d been chatting for hours… my lovely friend Karen and I sent one another boring postcards from wherever we happened to be.

None of your Instagram bragging rights or beautiful envy-triggering views… oh no! Just about as far from that concept as could be! Not so much a ‘wish you were here’ as ‘thankfully you’re not’…

I give you;

The empty timber frame room

A table

The Daffodil pickers

The Peat cutter

A shaft at the waterworks

The Portacabin

Stevenage Town Centre

A tractor mid harvest

The lovers


The cards were always received with hoots of laughter and it happened again this week when Karen found them in her attic where, inspired by Interiors Therapy, she has been tackling 30+ years of stuff.

So are these trash or treasure?

In Interiors Therapy only things you Use, Need or Love have a place in your life.

Like everything else this is unique to the individual. There are just two people for whom the cards have any relevance in this whole world of billions. For us, over 30 years since they were received, the cards generated howls of laughter, aching tummies and happy tears… so they are heading straight for the treasure box.

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