The Prickly Pair

Feb 11, 2019

Something which crops up occasionally in homes where there is a lot of irritability or tension is the presence of Cactus plants.

Cactuses or Cacti are not great in Feng Shui. Their spikes and thorns cut into the energy of the home and create negativity.

This can translate in to thorny or prickly relationships within the family. For this reason it’s never a good idea to have cacti in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

However it’s not all bleak for Cacti. There are a couple of places where you could consider having them. 

If you live in a high crime area, then having some cacti on the window sill at the front of your house has a duel benefit – a physical and energetic deterrent to anyone coming to your home with nefarious intent.

Let’s face it, tangling with a cactus never comes off well!

The other place they can sit safely is in the Fame, Aspiration and Recognition area of your home - but only if you feel your reputation is under attack. 

The theory behind this placement is to enable the thorns of the cactus to symbolically protect your reputation and help to portray you as you wish to be seen.

The smiling mini cacti seen in the picture came from Next.