The Gratitude Book

Sep 02, 2018

As I learn about highly successful people, it seems expressing gratitude every day is a key part of their lives. It’s so good to be grateful, even for the smallest thing – the whole ‘attitude of gratitude’ has a very powerful impact on so many levels!

When I was inspired to start my first Gratitude book, it didn’t feel right to work from the front to the back of the book, I was interested in new beginnings not endings, so I started at the back and worked forward.

Turning over to the final double page I wrote “I am grateful” at the top of the right hand page. Then 1. “I am grateful for this amazing new start in my life”.

It didn’t take long to find ten things I was grateful for and at the bottom of the page I wrote “Thank you Thank you Thank you”. Writing it three times over had a zingy effect and finished the page nicely.

After a day or two starting each morning in a positive frame of mind, I added in a new element to transform more negativity into positivity. On the left hand page I wrote the names of three people who were bothering me in some way – this might be because they were sick, sad, going through a tough time or just plain irritating. I knew worrying or being annoyed about them wouldn’t help, but if I could send them love energetically by focusing on them for a second or two, I could knock out the negativity surrounding them ina couple of words. So now the left hand page was headed with ‘Sending love to’ and at least three names followed.

The final addition to the book beneath the daily names was to add the words ‘Guidance for today’.

Sometimes a word or words just popped into my mind, other times I’d hear something on the radio which just ‘felt’ as though it fitted or even the lyric of a song. The words were often random, but if I happened to look back on them it turned out they been exactly what I needed to hear on that day.

My gratitude book means every day starts well. My first thoughts are positive, spread love and give me wisdom and time to focus on the good things.

I’ve discovered I can be grateful in advance, even before things have even happened;  “I am grateful for smooth journies to and from London”, “I am grateful for meeting amazing new people today”, “I am grateful for the opportunities in my life”, “I am grateful for my healthy bank account”, “I am grateful for happy clients”. It still gives me childish delight when everything comes together.

To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, ‘what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’. Gratitude works for me!