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Thank you for my wife and my life...

Sep 12, 2021

The brilliant city businessman won so many awards with his company, he had a large bespoke cabinet to display them. 

Five years on he’d left in acrimonious circumstances, ultimately going to court. It cost him both emotionally and financially. 

But he still had the cabinet of awards.

During our first consultation he explained his struggle to move on. There had been no real winners in court and the stress put significant pressure on his marriage.

He was now working in well-paid contract roles and still earning a high salary, but felt resentful and angry. Calling me in was his last hope to reassure his wife he wanted a future with her.

The whole room exuded memories of the company which let him go. The walls were a gallery of awards, photos and commendations. Boxes of court papers piled beside the desk.

“Would you ever go back to your old job?”

He was annoyed and thought I hadn’t heard a word he’d said. He reassured me he would not, even if hell froze over.

“OK, so why do you surround yourself with reminders of what you’ve lost?”

There was silence as he looked around the room, his eyes flitting across each image as though he was seeing them for the first time.

“Is the court case completed, fully settled?”

“Yes, two years ago.”

“So why do you have court papers by your desk?” He was almost surprised to see them there.

“If you could come into your study without any reminders of the court case, losing your job or antipathy for ex colleagues, do you think it might be a better space to work in?”

It took patience, time and reassurance to clear a decade of memories.

He kept two awards which made him feel good and photographs from happier times with his team and the mentor who saw his potential. Special items were stored in a box out of his eyeline.

This dynamic man invested in InteriorsTherapy to reclaim his space and his relationship.

In his words “I’d have paid you three times over. Thank you for my life and my wife”.

Although the steps we took may seem obvious, thousands of us carry similar burdens un-noticed, making us less productive, difficult to be around, stressed and hurting.

We lash out at family, friends and colleagues, compromising relationships without realizing the root cause.

When you live through something like this, even with support from people you love, it’s easy to become entrenched and unable to focus on anything else, even after it’s over. It takes someone detached to see things from a different perspective, revealing the obstacles and ties possessions create around you.

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