Selling Houses/ Moving Home Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui

Teenage Kicks

Jan 10, 2019

Kids surprise and inspire me when it comes to clearing new space in their lives.

A teenage boy was very cool about the two day Interiors Therapy consultation going on in his home. 

His parents said he wouldn’t be interested, he was in an ‘angry uncommunicative’ phase and his room had been ‘out of bounds’ to them for over a year. 

Of course we completely respected his wishes and got on with the job. 

Every now and again he would waft by, listen for a moment or two and then disappear.

This was quite a large house and there was a lot of clutter to deal with. The charity pile grew astonishingly fast and the parents were thrilled with their achievement.

The boy joined us for lunch on the second day and although I noticed him glance up when I explained the Feng Shui bagua to his mother, he said nothing and left the table as soon as he had finished.

By the end of the final afternoon, Mum and Dad were exhausted but jubilant. Over two hundred bags and boxes had left the house destined for the local charity shops and recycling centre. Furniture and pictures were relocated to more auspicious places and the atmosphere was less tense than it had been the previous day.

As I said goodbye, the boy asked me to look at his room. It transpired he had spent the previous evening and entire second day quietly clearing it, taking on board the snippets of conversation he had overheard and implementing the advice in his own space. 

He had taken down the horror movie posters and negative images, folded dumped laundry, organized his wardrobe, cleared unloved clothes and computer game detritus, moved the bed so he could sit at his desk and now had a room he felt he could study and feel comfortable in. 

All he needed from me was reassurance that his Feng Shui was supporting him so he would be able to focus on revision and get a better quality of sleep.

I was speechless as were his parents! When I last heard from the family he had done unexpectedly well in his mocks and was working on a project with his father to convert the garage into a man cave for the two of them to share.