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Taking inspired action - the fairy tale guide

Dec 22, 2020

We’re all told the way forward to get great outcomes with the Law of Attraction is to:

Be, Do and Have

Or Focus, Boost, Release, Gratitude, Go

Depending on whom you speak to or learn from….

So in the spirit of fun at Christmas, I’m taking a look at the magical world of Fairy Tales to motivate you into inspired action of your own.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) overcame her fear and believed the Beast was kind. 

She took inspired action to show her faith in him. It paid off.

Rapunzel wanted out of the tower she was trapped in. She took inspired action and plaited her hair to create a ladder and provide a means of escape when a rescuer came.

It paid off.  (That said, if she’d just cut it off and used it as a ladder herself she might not have needed to wait for the prince! – that would have been even more inspired!)

Cinderella had a short term goal of getting to the ball. 

When the Fairy Godmother arrived, Cinderella got right to it, taking inspired action by finding the pumpkin, the mice and a lizard to be transformed into a coach and footmen. It paid off although she did lose a shoe along the way.

The third little pig dreamed of safety and security. He took inspired action and built his house out of brick. 

That certainly paid off, unlike his brothers who would never have got planning permission for homes of sticks and straw.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) was so determined to achieve her intention to live on land, her inspired action was to give up one of the things which mattered most – her voice. 

Her inspired action was drastic, but proved to have a great long term result. 

It also paid off and her voice returned even stronger than it had been before.

So all in all, we can take inspiration for the Law of Attraction from these Fairy Tale characters.

But, there’s also a lesson there – think bad thoughts and ill wish people (Think Wicked Queens, Stepmothers, Witches, Big Bad Wolves and Gorgons) it will backfire – ON YOU!

The Law of Attraction plays a part in one area of Interiors Therapy. It’s taught in Module 5 of the Interiors Therapy Masterclass… which goes into a whole lot more depth and is very real indeed!

Remember the Law Of Attraction plays a massive part in every area of your life – whether you believe it or not!