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Supercharge Affirmations at Feng Shui New Year

Feb 01, 2023

This is a superb week to be thinking about what you want to accomplish, the things you’d like to do, people you want to invite into your life and so much more.

Writing affirmations is a powerful statement of intention, and using daily affirmations can be life changing to support the route to specific goals.

Today I’m talking about the Annual Affirmations which represent the BIG PICTURE for each of the nine Feng Shui areas (guas) of your home and life:

Health and Wellbeing - Centre

Relationships – South West

Career/Life Path - North

Wealth and Abundance – South East

New Beginnings - West

Family - East

Travel and Helpful Friends – North West

Knowledge/Spirituality – North East

Fame/Reputation South

Taking the guidance of the legendary Jack Canfield as your guide, scribble down your desires and intentions and then write them out beautifully to create affirmations for each area...

Start your affirmation with the words, “I am.”

Use the present tense.

State your affirmation in the positive.

Keep your affirmation brief.

Make your affirmation specific.

Include an action word ending with “–ing” to activate the Law of Attraction

Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.

Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

When you’ve written each affirmation, seal it in a red envelope and put it in the correct area of your home (see above compass direction). They don’t need to be on display, just tuck them out of sight and let them work their magic for you.

Happy Feng Shui New Year!

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