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Six ways you limit yourself when you sit facing a wall

Aug 23, 2022

Whether it’s in an office environment or at home, your desk position impacts your productivity, wellbeing and outlook on life.

Is your desk position limiting you from enjoying the success, job satisfaction and joy you deserve?

These are some of the issues which come up for people who work at a desk facing a wall or partition. How many are you experiencing?

1.      Feel like you’re going nowhere;

This is common when desks are squeezed into a tight space or bedrooms have a double use as workspace/study area.

Facing a wall is the emotional equivalent of being stuck in a prison cell, creating frustration, aggravation and a sense of being stuck. It’s even worse if the wall is grey or a dark or vibrant colour or has busy wallpaper.

2.       Lack of perspective

It’s difficult to see the bigger picture or someone else’s point of view when you spend all day gazing at a wall two feet in front of you.

You limit your creativity and opportunities and it’s more difficult to communicate effectively.

3.      Vulnerability

Having your back to a room puts you at a disadvantage. You won’t know what’s going on behind you or realise what’s coming, you’ll experience unexpected deadlines, awkward situations and challenging people and taken by surprise about things happening at work.

You’ll feel vulnerable, insecure and unsupported which can result in damage to emotional wellbeing.

4.      Head, neck, back problems

Shelving over a desk creates downward pressure to head and shoulders leading to headaches, back and neck pain. 

Post-its, printouts and memos on the wall interfere with focus and attention to detail.

5.      Stagnation

You’re wondering why you get bypassed for promotions. You are invisible until something goes wrong. 

You feel trapped in a role and none of the good stuff seems to reach you.

6.      Obstacles comes between you and success

No matter how hard you work or how brilliantly you shine, something/someone always gets in the way, jumps in ahead of you or puts you in the shadow.

So what can you do about it?

Move your desk so you have your back facing the wall and can see the door of your office space. 

If space is tight and you have limited options, try turning the desk 90 degrees to the wall to work and position yourself so you can see the door. Switch back at the end of the day.

If there really is no other option than to face a wall, position a small mirror above your desk to reflect movement behind you.

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