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Selling a home quickly at a great price is good for everyone

Sep 25, 2021

A property which inspires a prospective purchaser to move in emotionally before they’ve completed the viewing stands out as exceptional in the market. Right now, it’s more important than ever to think about how a home FEELS to a prospective purchaser when they walk in.

Estate Agent and Realtors are seeing the benefits of pointing their clients in the right direction before a property is even listed.

You see, there’s a lot going on in the property market, and challenges on the horizon mean it’s in everyone’s best interest to complete quickly and smoothly.  If a property doesn’t ‘feel’ right it can stagnate for months on the market creating frustration and price reductions.

For ‘Ready to Sell’ clients a fast sale starts with Interiors Therapy for their home to have it look and feel great before commencing the marketing process. By working through the interiors therapy, the place is clear, fresh and enticing. The seller is motivated, emotionally detached and ready to sell. This makes the property almost irresistible to the right people.

The homes I work with generally receive viable offers within 24-48 hours of going on the market and most sell well above the asking price. It’s a good feeling!

If a property has been on the market for a while before I’m contacted, the vendor has often lost faith in their Estate Agent. The relationship may have become a little spiky or unhelpful.

The thing is, if a property hasn’t sold within a month, in the majority of cases it won’t be anything to do with the Estate Agent. Instead what repels a buyer is the energy of the property and bad/depressing/angry vibes from the people living in it.

The energy or ‘bad feeling’ about a property has to change in order to get the sale you want – and, the best way to shift negative vibes is with Interiors Therapy.

I was asked to work with a lady who wanted to sell her Town House. Despite a very marketable address in an elegant town, it had been languishing on the market almost a year. The agent had lost interest and wanted to reduce the price to get it off his books. She rejected the suggestion.

A bitter divorce had left its mark on my client and her home. Her health was suffering and she had lost all motivation for work, lifestyle and moving away until she read about Interiors Therapy. She took the property off the market while we worked through the process over a couple of visits. Once complete, she requested the Estate Agent return to take new photos.

Within 48 hours of the listing going live she had four good offers. This resulted in a bidding war and subsequently the property sold at 40K above the list price.

The agent is certainly more open to the concept of Interiors Therapy now!

And it seems with those aforementioned challenges on the horizon, taking action now in order to smooth the sale process makes an Interiors Therapy investment at the beginning of the process money well spent for both vendors and their estate agent or realtor.

I read this in @EstateAgenttoday

“There is already clear evidence of the slowing market, despite the pressures imposed by the deadlines for completion before March 2021. Strip those out and the market might begin to look a lot less buoyant.”

And it goes on: “There is clear evidence of a widespread slowing in the market, albeit that positive increases in prices are still being recorded… While the market may be coping now, looking ahead it does get more challenging. Come March there will be a perfect storm arising with the end of the current Help to Buy scheme, the stamp duty holiday and the furlough support measures. Implicit in all of this is the hope that by then lockdown will have ceased and the economy is starting to recover.”

A mini consultation is available to help start the process.

Estate Agents – if you have properties which are going nowhere and vendors who are blaming you because they just want to move – you know who to call!