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Salt Cures - why and how

Feb 11, 2023

Salt Cures are an alchemical Feng Shui method of trapping negative energy in the home and preventing it from disturbing the occupants. They are used to support traditional Feng Shui cures and are an additional remedy rather than essential. That said, even if you don’t choose to add a salt cure in every area, there are four areas in 2023 which would really benefit from a little something extra to neutralise nasty vibes.

Watch the simple instruction video here


Rock Salt (coarse grain)

Spring water

6 Chinese Coins (busy side up) per cure Amazon

1 small silver coin (UK 5p piece or similar)

Glass or glass jar approx. 1lb size. The ones in the video are from Ikea, but use jam jars or glasses picked up from a Charity shop – they work just as well.

Use a saucer, plate or planter to protect the surface the salt cure sits on

Fill the glass or jar to approx. ¾ full with coarse grain rock salt

Lay 6 Chinese coins around the outer edge of the salt with the four character side facing up

Place the small silver coin at the centre of the ‘flower’

Gently pour in water to about 1cm above the height of the salt

Place a cure safely in each Feng Shui gua of your home.*

In 2023 it is particularly important to have salt cures in the South West (Relationships area), West (Creativity, new beginnings, children area), North West (Travel and Helpful Friends area) and East (Family and Community area)

At the end of the Feng Shui year (or sooner if the salt cure blooms so much that it becomes a problem) dispose of the entire cure into the rubbish bin. Always use rubber gloves to avoid absorbing concentrated negativity into the skin.


* Keep out of reach of children and animals. Salt cures can be put in cupboards, they don't need to be visible.