New Year Vibes

Dec 30, 2022

Suzanne Roynon, Author of ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’ explains how Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui refresh the energy of a home to make it work year round, and especially for the New Year celebrations.


Interiors Therapy is a dynamic combination of Feng Shui, decluttering, life coaching, organising and using the energy of the home to inspire a supportive, loving and successful environment to live in and thrive.


The process creates a friendly, welcoming environment where it’s easy to feel relaxed and at ease in company or when spending quality time alone or as part of a couple. When it’s delicious to step through the door and be wrapped in the comfortable embrace of a home which feels loved, you know the energy is working with you.


Traditional Feng Shui divides the home into nine equal areas known as ‘guas’. Each gua enhances a particular part of life. As a simple overview these are; Wealth, Relationships, Career, Health, New Beginnings, Knowledge, Family, Reputation and Travel/Helpful Friends. 


A Feng Shui expert will identify the house type* see below ... (is it good for people and money or not?) by using the Compass direction of the building and the year in which it was built, then explain precisely which elements (earth, water, metal, fire and wood) are required to bring balance and harmony to an individual home.


In creating a welcoming space, using the colours associated with a particular gua will help to settle the energy and increase the feel-good vibes. Avoid very dark blues and blacks as they can cause tears and high emotion and also reds/hot colours which may trigger angry outbursts.  Review the subjects of any art and decorative items in the space with fresh eyes to assess whether they reflect the person you choose to be. For example, if you want a healthy, loving relationship, then having images of solitary people or animals will work against your desire and keep you single.


Always donate/gift or sell anything which isn’t serving you or your home and never keep items out of habit, fear, guilt, confusion or spite as they can blight the energy of a home and therefore your life.

The end of the old year is a perfect time to despatch clutter and items which prompt memories of difficult times and situations. Choose to start your New Year afresh, without the debris of the past holding you back. Interiors Therapy pinpoints the root causes of clutter (unique to every individual) and changes the way people think about possessions by giving clarity about their impact on a person and home. It’s a great way to prevent clutter ever building up again.


The most beautiful spaces often use symmetry to create a sense of equilibrium which boosts the sense of congeniality. Pairs and matching items contribute to the visual pleasure of a room. If you aim for balance, you’ll automatically lighten up.


Use gentle lighting and fresh flowers to augment the ambiance of a space and choose music to uplift the energy before your guests arrive and use welcoming aromas (orange and other citruses are perfect) to draw them into your home. 

*So what house type are you living in? Read the descriptions and ask yourself honestly which seems the closest fit.


Good for money and people

This is a happy home where there is always enough money. Any challenges pass quickly and the occupants are a strong and devoted unit. In business terms, it means a healthy bank balance and having a happy and motivated team.

Good for Money/Bad for People

This is a home where relationships are strained, often to the point of divorce and health can be a significant problem, nevertheless, the money has everything covered. For a business the money flows in but there are significant staff issues, high turnover, potential for legal action and clients can make life more difficult than it needs to be.

Good for People/Bad for Money

This is a home where the family love and respect one another, it’s a healthy, happy place, but there’s always too much month at the end of the money. Financial crises occur with frequency and as soon as money comes in, an emergency repair or other costs occur. In a business you’ll have a happy staff but may have no option other than to let some go to cover the outgoings which will be greater than the available money coming in.

Bad for People/Bad for Money

The worst case scenario. Money will always be an issue and relationships, health and wellbeing are stressed and strained. In business terms, this is the building where one company goes bust after another. It’s the shabby, unloved shop or office block where business fails to thrive and ultimately either folds or moves away.

Mini Bio

Suzanne Roynon is a Leading International Interiors Therapist and member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She will help you look differently at the things you keep around you to understand how they may be harming your relationship, health, wealth, success and home life. She shares hints and tips to create a home and office space you love and which propels you forward rather than keeping you tied to the past. 

In addition to her Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui consultancy and teaching, Suzanne is a professional speaker and the author of Award-winning Bestseller ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’. She is a BBC expert and works with Metro, Sunday Times Style, Natural Health, Real Homes Magazine, Homes and Gardens, NZME and many other national, local media and online organisations to share the advantages of living an Interiors Therapy lifestyle.