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New PM's Energy Crisis is bigger than they know

Sep 05, 2022

Whoever takes up residence at 10 Downing Street today is already at a disadvantage.

Let's not get into politics.

Let's talk energy.

The ability of a serving prime minister to make great decisions, respect the people and maintain the support of his/her party has been eroding since 2004.

Promises are broken, alliances compromised and recently the lack of integrity has astonished even the most blinkered followers.

It's been a downhill trend and now it's not just affecting the individual, it's impacting on the country too.

The Feng Shui of the apartment used by recent Prime Ministers (actually in no. 11 Downing Street) has been particularly unsupportive over the last twenty years, and whilst that should change for the better in 2024, we still have 18 months of trouble and strife ahead if action isn't taken to balance the energy and provide a bit of stability.

And that's what this country needs most of all.

The No. 11 apartment does require more than a bit of gold wallpaper, but the deep pockets of a Tory donor are definitely not necessary.

Getting the feng shui right is much easier than you might think.

So when the new PM steps over the threshold and into their personal space, the first call they should make is to someone experienced in Feng Shui who will clear the stagnation and disreputable energy in the apartment and invite in new, fresh, auspicious and welcome integrity into their life and that of the country.

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