Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui

Motivation to start

Mar 27, 2019

If you are struggling to get started on clearing your clutter, ask yourself “If I got the chance of the fresh start in the life I always wanted or my perfect job abroad, how much of my stuff would I actually take with me?” 

Imagine you have to pay for every kilo.

It galvanizes the mind.

Would you really take a cupboard full of shabby t-shirts and trackies because they are comfortable to wear around the house?

Would you take hundreds of DVDs when you only watch Netflix anyway?

How about all the partially used products you tried but didn’t finish, sports and hobby gear you bought and then gave up on, the stack of old magazines, the empty plastic take-out cartons which might come in handy, the books you won’t read again, the old school exercise books, things in boxes from last time you moved, the piles of bed linen and old towels in the airing cupboard, the contents of cupboards you never open?

Once you understand your motivation for keeping things which aren’t serving you, it’s easier to let them go.

By really focusing the mind on keeping only what you you genuinely need, use or love, available living space and capacity for clear thought increases significantly. 

Suddenly you can find things when you need them, everything has a place and life flows more smoothly.