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Loneliness, turmoil and confusion... Just another day in the home of Johnny and Amber

Sep 04, 2021

Well, OK, I acknowledge the world’s favourite Pirate, Mr Johnny Depp will have many homes around the world, most of which he (understandably) chooses to keep out of the public eye.

I have to admit, I look at homes very differently to most people. 

For me the feel and possessions tell me the story of the occupants of a home and create an energy which impacts of the people living in it – for better or worse! 

Realtors and estate agents will always recommend ‘de-personalising’ a property before it goes on the market, but the truth is, the possessions which remain can be just as telling.

Not so long ago, Johnny Depp made a decision to sell some of the penthouses he owns in the stunning Eastern Colombia Building in downtown LA. 

Evidently he and his ex wife, Amber Heard spent considerable time here, and a number of the incidents being dragged up in the current libel case occupying the media spotlight took place at this location.

The Real Estate literature from the sale includes photos of some of the rooms. The couple have eclectic taste – some magazines describe it as ‘quirky’, I’d say ‘individual’ but I’m more interested in the clues I pick up.

Take the bedroom with the huge painting of demons hanging above the bed. Does this describe what we’re told of Johnny Depp’s life? Was he drawn to this painting because of the subject matter, or has it been with him many years and created the situation he finds himself in? I’d be interested to know.

How about the leather-couched TV and book room? It’s a deeply masculine space, with the books showing a quick mind and varied interests. 

Here’s the thing though, many of the pictures on the wall feature a single man or woman. These represent isolation, there’s no sign of unity, friendship or love between a couple. 

Instead this is the dark, overwhelming space of a man alone, struggling to connect with others and with too much time on his hands.

And the dining room with the bright mural and the ‘Bang Head Here’ poster. It’s all so mixed up and confusing. It would really mess with your mind and cause irrational actions for whomever spent most time there.

Wherever you look in this home it’s art and atmosphere exude fear, loneliness and turmoil.

Even if a couple started off blissfully happy, it wouldn’t take long for cracks to appear in the relationship. These rooms represent something way beyond dysfunctional.

I imagine the homes where Johnny Depp is happiest are very different.

I’m delighted to see that all the penthouses have now been sold. Hopefully having broken free of his toxic relationship, he’s also dumped this catastrophic combination of unhelpful possessions permanently… I’d hate to think of them coming back to bite him another time.