Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Relationships

Jessie's story - Part 2

Jun 30, 2019

You might have read about Jessie in part 1 of her story.

After Jessie invested in her intensive Interiors Therapy intervention in March she saw a huge upturn in bookings and enquiries for her consultation services. 

She was thrilled to have seen an immediate return on her investment and would have been happy if that had been the end of it, but it wasn’t……

As Jessie’s diary was now full, she was much more relaxed, sleeping well and feeling good about herself. She discovered to her joy that she had slimmed down a dress size with no effort whatsoever. 

The connection between quality sleep and weight loss is well known, but what people often don’t realize is the detrimental physical and emotional impact of clutter on sleep.

Jessie had seen the benefits of her de-cluttering immediately and was relishing her new look.

During our Interiors Therapy intensive, one thing which had come up repeatedly was Jessie’s lack of time for a relationship. 

Although she didn’t want to be alone, she was so overwhelmed by her business problems and running her home, her single status had been the put on the back-burner.

Now however, with the clutter-free house working efficiently and business flying, Jessie was ready to meet someone new and decided to take the same approach as she had to clearing the clutter and negative energy from her home.

Working with an Interiors Therapist offers so much more than de-cluttering and organising. It encompasses life coaching, reviewing and revitalising space, feng shui and personal accountability, enabling clients to change their negative thinking and define what (or who) they want in their lives. 

It represents a lifestyle transformation and is unique to every client.

Jessie opted for a course of six life coaching sessions to put her in the best place emotionally to begin a new relationship. 

Our sessions began with making her Manifesto for Love. 

This is an essential part of the process and is only available to my private clients at this point in time. If you would like to know more about life coaching for relationships and making your own Manifesto for Love contact me for information.

Once the Manifesto for Love had been created, through Jessie’s coaching sessions she decided where, when and how she might meet new friends and potential romantic partners. 

Jessie was keen to explore a number of options and, as she had been single for some years, wanted to ‘play the field for a while’, dating a number of people rather than rushing into an exclusive relationship.

Jessie made some small adjustments to the Feng Shui of her relationship area and we worked together on her new dating profiles, incorporating words and phrases from her Manifesto for Love and choosing photos which represented the person she had become.

Four coaching sessions in, Jessie’s dating calendar was as busy as her work schedule with regular requests for second and third dates. 

She unexpectedly bumped into an old flame who, impressed by the “new improved version” as she describes it, promptly asked her out.

Jessie is respectful with all her dates. She explains her wish to and reasons for dating widely, and in return they appear to be open with her and keen to meet again.

For Jessie the Interiors Therapy process has given her a completely new perspective on life. 

As she says “who knew coming to the Clutter-free workshop would have had such an amazing impact… In less than three months my life has transformed”.