Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui

Jessie's story - Part 1

Sep 02, 2021

With Interiors Therapy, the speed of change is directly commensurate with the time it takes to clear your clutter and re-arrange your home to make it work for you. 

I love it when clients hit the ‘sweet spot’ and have a sudden rush of changes in their lives – it can either happen quickly, with professional help, or more gradually under your own steam.

Jessie tried both ways, this is the first part of her story….

Jessie’s consultancy business was lackluster and she was irritated by flakey clients who would book appointments and cancel just before the 24 hour cancellation deadline, losing her fee and leaving no time to book new clients. A side issue was that she had been single for a while with no romantic interest on the horizon.

Jessie attended one of my workshops earlier this year but chose to tackle her clutter unaided, doing a little at a time here and there. She saw small changes for the better, but was easily distracted by emotions connected to some items and felt conflicted when friends encouraged her to keep things she was ready to part with.

After a particularly frustrating March, Jessie was miserable and decided a ‘short sharp shock’ was required. She realised she was out of her depth with the clutter and booked a two day intensive de-clutter and Interiors Therapy consultation with follow up VIP shopping and space clearing day.

Things immediately picked up, with four new work enquiries as she finished the first day of clearing and still more on day two. When we squeezed in our follow up call a fortnight after her VIP Shopping and Space Clearing day, her diary was fully booked with a wait list for cancellation slots if they became available. No one had cancelled since our work together.

Jessie felt justified in her decision to invest in something which was important to her. The bookings she took after one day with me more than covered the cost involved and she had saved herself valuable time and emotional pressure.

The changes in her home, the shift in energy after the space clearing and the supportive shopping trip had made a huge difference.  As she said later over coffee, “It would have taken months of tedious effort to do what we achieved in just two days with your professional intervention… and you made it fun”.

But that wasn’t the only change in Jessie’s life. after her Interiors Therapy intensive. You can read more about Jessie in part 2.

*Please be aware that intensive Interiors Therapy days can result in swift and dramatic changes. They are exhausting, inspiring and create a shift in energy in you and your surroundings. If you are ready for change, you know what to do!