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Jennifer Aniston's new home is ripe for love!

Sep 23, 2022

Much has been made of Jennifer Aniston’s purchase of the Montecito farmhouse style property which she bought from Oprah Winfrey in August 2022


UK interest in the purchase focused on the close proximity of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to their new superstar neighbour, but there may be a lot more to Jen’s decision, as Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui expert Suzanne Roynon explains;


Jennifer already has a fabulous home in Bel Air, which she renovated after it was purchased with husband Justin Theroux. After the end of her marriage, Jen spent a couple of months working with an Interiors Therapist to “help remove all the emotional and physical baggage connected to Justin and reclaim the space” a source told Grazia back in 2019. “Getting an (interiors) therapist for the home was all about releasing the past from the present living situation” the source continued “Jen loved the idea and feels as though she has her own place again. She’s moved on”.


However, Roynon believes three years on, the actress and star of Friends may sense a residual energetic attachment to her ex-husband remains within the Bel Air property, and this prevents her fully connecting with someone new. For this reason a complete change of location, style and more relaxed pace of life and from her ultra-modern mansion to a Tuscan-inspired home will have been enticing.


“It’s a beautiful and very private location” says Roynon, and from a Feng Shui perspective it is a very interesting property. It’s had three owners since it was built in 1998. The first, presumably the developer, sold it very quickly to a highly successful Hedge Fund manager based in NYC who used the property as a winter residence. It was then bought in 2021 by Oprah Winfrey who made a cool $6.6million by parceling the property into two separate lots and selling it on, with the larger property being picked up by Jennifer Aniston for $14million.


It’s not clear whether this will become the Actress’s permanent address, or it’s a delicious bolt-hole away from the bustle of LA. “The more time she spends there, the greater the impact of the Feng Shui energy” reports Roynon “so it’s important to create a nurturing and supportive space.


“On the whole, Jen will feel relaxed and happy in the property.” Says Roynon “This is a ‘Good for People/Bad for Money’ house type which fortunately has two areas of quite exceptional money making energy which offset the unfavourable money energy as Oprah found out!” she explains. 


“The side of the house overlooking the garden is extremely auspicious, and if I were working with Jen I’d recommend she spends the majority of her time in that part of the house to support her career, health and wellbeing.


The courtyard elevation of the property and the blocks to either side do carry some significant negative energy which could be dissolved with Feng Shui remedies. This would help avoid conflict with staff, permanent residents and guests using these areas of the building.” She continues.


“Jen’s Montecito home is blessed with superb energy for developing new romantic relationships” says Roynon. “In Feng Shui we call this ‘peach blossom’ and it’s a permanent feature in two areas of the property. However, Jen might find she’s overwhelmed with suitors, many of whom would be totally wrong for her, so when she connects with someone really special, it would be wise to manage the peach blossom energy to avoid temptation and infidelity.”


So it’s really ‘watch this space’ for Jen in her new home which may be just what she needs to find her happy ever after.



Mini Bio

Suzanne Roynon is a Leading International Interiors Therapist and member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She will help you look differently at the things you keep around you to understand how they may be harming your relationship, health, wealth, success and home life. She shares hints and tips to create a home and office space you love and which propels you forward rather than keeping you tied to the past. 


In addition to her Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui consultancy and teaching, Suzanne is a professional speaker and the author of Award-winning Bestseller ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’. She is a BBC expert and works with Metro, Sunday Times Style, Natural Health, Real Homes Magazine, Homes and Gardens, NZME and many other national, local media and online organisations to share the advantages of living an Interiors Therapy lifestyle.