Selling Houses/ Moving Home Relationships

It's the perfect time to sell...

Sep 04, 2021

That’s what I told John when he rang me this week. John is a ‘Ready-to –sell’ client I worked with back in 2015. 

Now John has a cute little house in a very sought after village – you know, the kind of place with an outstanding primary school, maypole, cricket pitch and a couple of lovely pubs within easy reach of the motorway and great transport links – what’s not to love?

When John marketed his property last time round, the house languished on the listings for around 6 months before he called me in. 

We did his interiors therapy and within a couple of weeks he had three potential buyers in a bidding war. 

The thing was, the interiors therapy had changed the way John’s little house felt to such a degree, he decided he didn’t want to move after all!

The house came off the market and John got on with enjoying life, travelling, meeting interesting people and contemplating the new opportunities coming his way.

And that was the last I heard of him – until this week when he called out of the blue ‘for a chat’.

John, it turned out, had been abroad for the six months in the run up to #lockdown and had been offered a fantastic position on the other side of the world. He had popped back to the UK to make arrangements to relocate, only to be trapped at home at the end of March.

“There’s no way I can sell the house and move abroad now” he said. His voice as depressed as his Eeyore mood.

“What? You have to be kidding me John. There are couples all over the UK who are struggling with their relationship. Lockdown is leading to a mass of divorces and separations… there will be guys in your village desperate for a place close to their family and you’ve got a prime piece of real estate there”.

I explained all he had to was refresh the good vibe and get it on the market. If it feels good, it will sell – and fast!

You could well be in the same situation, because having been trapped in a confined situation for so long, especially in an unsupportive space, your relationship might be giving you cause for concern. 

But another, less obvious result of lockdown is that your intuition has been fine tuned and so many of you are telling me you instinctively know who is about to call you before the phone rings, or you think of someone who hasn’t been on your radar for years, only to have them contact you the very next day. 

You’re not alone – it’s happening a lot!

This means people are also much more aware of how a space feels. Those feelings can translate to goosebumps or any number of other physical responses – perhaps an irrational fear or clenched feeling in the chest when something ‘doesn’t feel right’.  

Living with this long term (as anyone who has lived through the months leading up to a separation) is hideous and terribly detrimental to well-being. So when someone whose intuition is switched on walks into a house and the atmosphere is tense or unwelcoming, they won’t consider buying it, regardless of how ‘perfect’ it is for their situation.

So on that basis, where does Interiors Therapy make a difference? Well just as we ‘fixed’ the energy of John’s home back in 2015 leading to all those offers on the property, it’s possible to change the way a home feels – not just when it’s up for sale, but at any time. 

Fixing it now might save you the trauma of a divorce or separation. 

The crisis you’re experiencing is triggered by the current situation, but the underlying cause is likely to be your home working against you – it’s just that you haven’t been home long enough until now to pick up on it.

If a home isn’t supporting the occupants, there is likely to be a higher level of anxiety, irritation, frustration, a feeling of being ‘stuck’ or trapped. 

This can manifest into anger, arguments, a lack of understanding or empathy between a couple and challenging behavior from both adults and kids. That’s a nasty, festering stew of negative vibes.

Fix the energy of a home, and everything else starts neatly falling into place. 

A couple remembers why they originally fell in love, children behave more respectfully towards their parents, problems at work, with health, finances, family and opportunity improve imperceptibly. 

Somehow the universe shifts into a more helpful way of being… and the occupants forget just how stressful everything was before Interiors Therapy changed their space and boosted their energy.

If you’re watching your relationship falter, or you’re beginning to think that selling your home and moving on is inevitable to escape the feelings of dread you feel – invest 15 minutes to check in with the energy of your house and see whether such dramatic action is necessary.

Better still, download a copy of my Ready to Sell guide which includes the secret sauce to make your home feel great for you and your buyer – regardless of your situation.

Having your home working with you rather than against you is the first step to making life happier, lighter and brighter – for you and everyone else who lives there, and you can find out how today.

Now I love to poke around other people’s homes and notice what’s going on there. So gifting freebie inspiration consultations to anyone who wants their mojo back is always a good thing to do. There’s no commitment, and whether you take the advice or stay stuck where you are is entirely up to you. 

I’d suggest that’s a win win for you!