Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Relationships

Interiors Therapy saved our lockdown

Jul 03, 2020

During lockdown I’ve been staying in touch with my clients, many of whom have become good friends during the Interiors Therapy process. 

It’s been a good opportunity to check the impact of the work we’ve done together and make sure it’s standing up to this incredible pressure test #Covid19 has provided.

Of course for all of them, as with the rest of us, lockdown created its own challenges in terms of getting used to a new way of living in a much more limited way – by which I mean our horizons have contracted so completely, it’s unusual to leave the house for more than an hour or two, let alone go more than a couple of miles from home.

Now I’ve loved being at home. Yes, yes, yes, I truly get the most enormous buzz from working with clients in person in the UK and Europe, but the great thing is, I’m blessed to live in a place with an abundance of beautiful, accessible countryside where I walk almost every day. 

I get to do regular online regular yoga classes with the amazing Adele-Marie Hartshorn and the dance community are coming up with a range of fun and outrageous things to distract me when I should probably be doing something else…

But I digress; I’m aware for many people who don’t know about the power of doing their Interiors therapy, being in lockdown or isolating with their partners, spouses and/or children, life is not quite so enjoyable.  Certainly for some clients, before they invested in Interiors Therapy, lockdown would have been the final straw.

Relationship issues are one of the primary reasons I’m called in. 

For whatever reason, things are not going well between a couple or family. The level of dissatisfaction ranges on a scale from ‘moderately unhappy’ to ‘desperately miserable’ and many clients are on the verge of ending the marriage or partnership because they can’t see a way forward.

The thing is, what I’ve learned and understood over 27+ years of developing the method, is there will always be something in the home creating a mass of negativity and this radiates into the relationship. 

By working through their Interiors therapy, the clients are able to identify the possessions, art, imagery or whatever else is creating the sad, sticky, even angry energy around them and deal with it permanently.

Once it’s gone, the impact is swift and breathtaking. 

Clients on the verge of separation have found a delicious new connection. People who had lost their passion rediscover a new level of attraction.

And of course it’s not just about a romantic relationship. Other parts of life see a step up in positivity too and it’s so good to see children, careers, projects and plans flourishing with the upsurge in good energy which flows into the home.

So all that being said, I thought I’d do a straw poll of my clients and see how things were going for them during lockdown.

100% of them (yes really!) tell me they are getting on better with their partner during lockdown than they could ever have imagined. Some have gone further to say they were dreading things slipping back into old pre-interiors therapy patterns, but au contraire, their relationships have become even stronger.

The interesting thing is that when I asked the single clients how they were doing, every one of them said they were seeing lockdown as a positive opportunity and enjoying it. 

Only one said he was having occasional moments of boredom right back at the beginning, but he has now found ways of connecting and making new friends which he wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

So the Interiors Therapy energy shift in homes has made a significant difference in these peculiar times.

I’m offering brief online video chats to anyone who is finding increased tension in their homes and relationship as a result of #Covid19 lockdown.