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How to successfully blend your family

Jun 08, 2023

In my years of experience as a family coach, I have witnessed the joys and challenges that come with blending families, particularly when moving into the same physical house with children from previous marriages. In fact it is my own experience of being born into a blended family and witnessing my own parents divorce, remarry and blend my own family that drives me to do what I do today - helping other parents navigate their divorce and create a healthy co-parenting relationship that allows their family to grow, blend and thrive. With all the emotions involved in what is a huge life change for any family it is not easy to navigate.

The impact of our home environment on our well-being and relationships cannot be underestimated. After all we are products of our environment, 95% of our subconscious programming is formed in our childhood which determine our outcomes and indeed our success in adulthood.

By creating a positive and supportive living space, you can significantly contribute to the overall happiness and success of your blended family. Creating a harmonious and nurturing environment for your blended family requires careful consideration, compassion and awareness of the dynamics of physical space.

In this blog, I will share valuable tips based on my expertise to help you establish the best possible environment and family home for your blended family.

1. Establish open communication Encouraging open and honest communication is vital for all relationships especially when blending your family. Establish a safe space where all family members feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings about the transition. Allocate specific time for family meetings or discussions, ensuring that everyone can participate and contribute to important decisions concerning the physical space. Active listening and validating each family member's emotions promote understanding and empathy, establish a sense of belonging for everyone involved.

2. Respect individual boundaries In a blended family, it is essential to recognise and respect each family member's boundaries, including their physical space within the shared home. Everyone, including children and stepparents, has their unique needs and personal belongings. By encouraging open conversations about physical boundaries, such as personal bedrooms or designated areas, you can ensure that everyone's needs are acknowledged and respected. Honoring individuality and privacy contributes to a harmonious environment within the shared space.

3. Establish family traditions Blending families provides an opportunity to create new traditions that create a sense of togetherness and unity, even within the shared physical space. I recommend blending old and new traditions from each family, allowing every member to contribute their ideas and interests. This collaborative approach promotes a shared sense of identity and strengthens family bonds, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere within the home.

4. Design functional and personalised spaces When moving into the same home, it is crucial to consider the individual needs and preferences of each family member when designing their personal spaces within the shared space. Strive to strike a balance between functionality and personalisation, allowing each family member to have a space that reflects their personality and offers comfort. Incorporating principles of interior therapy that promote relaxation and emotional well-being, can greatly enhance the overall atmosphere and help create a sense of ownership and belonging for everyone.

5. Promote inclusivity and unity To establish unity within your blended family in the shared home, involve everyone in family activities, decision-making processes, and problem-solving related to the physical space. Regular family bonding activities or outings can strengthen the bond between family members and promote a sense of togetherness. Celebrating milestones, achievements, and special occasions together within the shared space emphasises the importance of being part of a loving and supportive blended family, creating positive memories and experiences.

6. Prioritise emotional support Moving into the same physical space with children from previous marriages can bring about emotional challenges. Creating an environment where emotional support is a priority is crucial for the well-being of each family member. Establish open lines of communication for emotional check-ins, ensuring that each family member feels supported and understood throughout the transition. Encourage practices such as expressing gratitude, forgiveness, and offering words of affirmation to promote a positive emotional atmosphere and foster strong emotional connections within the shared home.

Creating the ideal environment and family home for your blended family requires a thoughtful and inclusive approach, especially when moving into the same physical space. By using the tips above you can cultivate a blended family that thrives and flourishes together within the shared home.

Remember, building a harmonious and nurturing environment takes time so be patient at take it at pace that works for your family. More help on how to co-parent or blend your family is available at

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