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How Feng Shui could help Lauren Goodger

Jan 27, 2022

It’s clear Lauren Goodger never planned to be a single mum (or a Supermum as I prefer to call such amazing women) to her beautiful daughter, or the baby girl on her way. 

Lauren has lived her life in the public eye for over 12 years, her relationships and extraordinary loyalty and patience with the men in her life have been picked over by in the press and online to the point where she can’t step out of her home without a photographer waiting to capture her image.

It puts any relationship under scrutiny, she is fodder for trolls and people who have so little self respect that they hurt others in an attempt to make themselves feel good. Trolls aren’t happy people.

So why am I adding to the comments?

Well looking back over the last year or so, it looks as though Lauren’s home is working against her.

She’s known for keeping a bright and clean home which is always a good thing. She likes to decluttter (another excellent sign of being in touch with the impact of stuff) and loves mirrors and sparkle, but I’d want to look beyond that.

As an Interiors Therapist, I use Chinese Feng Shui to maximize the impact of consultations for my clients.

You tend to see the same things happening on repeat in a house which doesn’t benefit from good Feng Shui – divorces, health problems, money worries can all feel as though they are on a loop in some homes.

I’d be interested to see what’s happening in the Feng Shui ‘Love and Relationships’ area of Lauren’s home, because too many mirrors there will have encouraged the energy of a third person into her relationship, and that’s always best avoided. I’d also want check out the imagery in her ‘Fame and Reputation’ and ‘New Beginnings’ areas as it may well have amplified her single status.

By using Feng Shui and installing remedies to balance the space, Lauren can neutralize any negative energy in her home and strengthen the positive aspects of her life. 

Living in a healthier, more supportive home would give Lauren reassurance, a happier relationship situation and help her make wise decisions about the new beginning she has had forced upon her by her partner’s infidelity.

I hope she finds an expert to help that happen.