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Househunting success with Interiors Therapy

Sep 25, 2021

It’s rare a week goes by without a client or friend sending me online links to homes on Rightmove or similar online property sites to check out for them.

I love it! It shows the work we’ve done together through Interiors Therapy or ‘Ready to Sell’ has totally paid off for them.

They are upgrading their lives… and from previous experience they now understand the importance of getting their Interiors Therapy right.  

They want to be sure their home supports them from the start.

I’ll always start with the floor plan to see how the property flows and get an overview of the Feng Shui.

Then I consider what I know of the client, their goals, expectations and the life they want to create for themselves.

After that I look at the photos. I’m interested in the clues the images give about the lives of the people currently living in the property. What is going on behind the scenes for them? Is this a happy home or one which has seen divorce, sadness, heartbreak?

It’s always useful to have advance warning of unhappiness because my client will inevitably pick up on a ‘feeling ‘or ‘something wrong’ when they do a viewing. 

They can make an informed decision on whether this is fixable or they prefer to look elsewhere.

It’s fun to join clients on ‘viewing days’ (lockdown permitting.) Clients view from their hearts if it’s a home they plan to live in and their heads for a buy-to-let.

I look at properties with a detached perspective.

If a rental has a compromised wealth area – a tenant may struggle to pay their bills.

If the relationship area is missing – it’s probably for sale due to divorce anyway.

When the career and life path is important, I’ll be checking everything is in place to enhance prospects for promotion and recognition.

And of course, a healthy home is essential. If the health and wellbeing area is damp or mouldy, I’ll be steering my client well away.

When the client commits to a property it’s because it feels great, fulfils their aspirations and will welcome them home from the day they pick up the keys.

Of course they will always invest in a structural survey on any property purchase.

And as ever, when you move, travel light!

Suzanne Roynon is an Interiors Therapy Expert and Award Winning Author of ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’ (Panoma Press £14.99)