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Happiness Changes Everything

Nov 11, 2022

For fifty-something businesswoman Catherine* life had been a series of disappointments. She had given up on relationships and her friends were flaky.  Despite a stream of clients, money seemed to disappear as quickly as she earned it and to add insult to injury Catherine’s landlord put her rental home up for sale and gave her notice to move out.

Catherine was angry, tearful and constantly anxious. After a decade ‘just coping’ it felt as though her life was working against her and she was ready to give up.

By chance she read about Interiors Therapy in a national newspaper.

“Everything started to make sense” said Catherine “I realised I had been dragging my past around with me for thirty years. All the heartache, failures, pressure and pain surrounded me on a daily basis right there in my home.”

Catherine called in Interiors Therapy expert Suzanne Roynon. It was time to stop crying and start afresh. 

“In the run up to the move Suzanne helped me review my possessions and identify everything which wasn’t supporting me. I was really nervous at first and dug my heels in about a lot of memories and stuff I didn’t use but was too afraid to part with. Suzanne patiently helped me focus on what I was ready to deal with and said I’d know when I was ready to look at the rest.

Over the next few months although things improved financially, I still felt unsettled. I had decided it was time to start dating but the guys I met were a total waste of space.

I remembered Suzanne’s parting advice about the stuff I had chosen to keep, which included old love letters and photos, and how it would potentially push away new love. I asked her to work with me again and over a few sessions I threw myself into the process. Once all the unhappy reminders of my past had gone, I felt ready to implement Feng Shui and life took a dramatic up-turn.

Now I am in demand workwise and romantically. The friends who were taking me for granted just evaporated and I now have a great group of pals who love and respect me. I get to go on amazing holidays and recently moved into my perfect Feng Shui home. 

I look back and don’t recognise the sad and unfulfilled person I was before Interiors Therapy.

Above everything, working with Suzanne Roynon bought me Happiness and with that, every other part of my life transformed.”

Catherine is now sharing her life with someone special and looking forward to a brighter future than she had ever imagined.

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*Name changed to respect her partner