Ghosts of Dating

Oct 31, 2020

Firstly, to deal with any confusion, Ghosts can be male or female – neither sex has the monopoly on bad behavior in dating.

Ghosts are essentially cowards, but they do immense damage to the people they ghost because they;

a)     Got bored

b)     Had sex and lost interest

c)      Don’t find them attractive any more

d)     ….. Insert a whole range of other reasons

If you’re prone to Ghosting people, PLEASE STOP READING!

This special information is reserved for decent people who are capable of communication and mutual respect and have experienced Ghostly activity from dates.

50% of the people I work with have attracted people who Ghost them. They all had something in their home which triggered the ghosting behavior. When they dealt with it and went on to complete the Interiors Therapy process and create their Manifesto for Love, the ghosting stopped.

So why was that?

Well firstly, by using Interiors Therapy they removed obstacles to a healthy relationship which had been influencing their daily lives at a subconscious level. These blocks and barriers are unique to each person, and letting them go is liberating.

Secondly, by creating their Manifesto for Love, they stop attracting the losers, shits and arrogant swine who had previously targeted them. The ghosts dematerialized.

Instead, the partners they connect with are great communicators, respectful and genuinely attracted to them. They have real potential for a healthy relationship.

If they decide not to take things any further, they explain with kindness, dignity and courtesy.

My single clients find they are in demand and can pick and choose who they want to spend time with. The one thing they don’t do is Ghost!

If there is a great resolution for your dating future, it’s ‘Communicate better’ – whoever you happen to be communicating with!