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Feng Shui Remedy Inspiration - Fire

Apr 14, 2023

In bespoke Feng Shui we use a remedy known as ‘Fire’ in spaces which need to be energised. It’s the only one of the elemental remedies which can be fully implemented with colour alone.

There is a balance however, too much fire can result in anger, burn-out and feeling frazzled, while too little won’t boost the energy sufficiently.

A good rule of thumb is that the fire remedy needs to be obvious when you walk into a room. If the energy doesn’t shift up a gear, then add a more fire until the space feels uplifted. 

As an aside, candles, fires and lamps only count as fire remedy when they are alight, so don’t assume a fireplace has you covered for fire remedy!

Choose fire options carefully and take a non-permanent approach as the energy in a room changes each year and you may not require fire in the same space next time round. For this reason, choosing a red carpet, walls or luxurious deep pink curtains may not be the best investment, but a gorgeous rug, vase, cushions, throws, lampshades or artwork which you could relocate to another space give flexibility for a scheme. You could even put a stack of books with fiery covers together or always have fire coloured fresh flowers in the space.

I’m delighted to be a content creator for Interiors specialist website and I routinely use the website to share ideas with my clients, so I’ve included products from the marvellous website to explain how fire remedy can be implemented beautifully and with ease.

So what colours represent fire?

Red spectrum, including maroon, burgundy, wine, vermillion, cherry and everything in between.

This glorious rug by Kukoon encompasses many shades of red.

Orange spectrum, tangerine through to an orangey ochre and terracotta, but don’t get too close to an earth colour as it will dampen the energy.

This vibrant vase from Heals might be all you need in a small room.

Pink spectrum, from hot pink through to a deep rose. Once you get to pastel shades those count as metal remedy, so stay with brighter shades.

I love this bright cushion by Sara Miller available at John Lewis, and would place it in any gua other than the relationships area or a bedroom because we focus on pair or couple energy in these spaces.

Pinky purple – but there’s a fine line between pinky purple and blue purple so use with caution.

This Paris chair from Home Detail fits the bill. It comes in a set of two.

Hot yellow – again stay on the warm side rather than pastel shades.

This Aspect throw by Dunelm is a cost effective solution if red, orange or hot pink really aren't your thing!

The feng shui of some rooms may need a lot of fire, so build up gradually and be especially measured in bedrooms… you want just the right level of energy and passion and still be able to sleep well!

If you're ready to activate the postive Feng Shui vibes in your home, book an Inspiration Call to find out how to arrange your unique Feng Shui report.

The cover photo is the Okin Table Lamp in Coral by Oka

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