Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Mindset

Find your Happy?

Aug 16, 2020

A client’s Interiors Therapy has paid off big time!

We’re talking a contract worth multi-millions to her company and a big healthy commission for the lady herself.

When we started working together this client was lost and unhappy.

Through the Interiors Therapy coaching process she escaped a job she loathed, transformed her home and found her confidence again.

A year ago as part of the Interiors Therapy Coaching process we visualised the job and package she wanted. She had no concept of how it would happen, just an absolute belief it was out there waiting for her.

It’s surpassed all her expectations.

Now the plans for her home are paying off too and she is taking control of a long standing health condition.

This is the kind of impact Interiors Therapy has.

Yes it’s an investment in the future you want for yourself;

Yes, you have to make an effort; and

Yes when you see fabulous things coming towards you, it’s like watching a snowball transforming into an avalanche of wonderful positive and unexpected outcomes.