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Feng Shui tips to repair a Damaged Reputation

Sep 29, 2022

It seems the damage is done, the trolling and credibility of ITV’s morning dream team is more of a nightmare.

What steps could Phil, Holly and anyone else take to ditch nasty damaging energy and enjoy positive vibes?

1.      Stand at the centre of your home, open a Compass app on your phone and identify where the South area of your home sits.

In Feng Shui the South of a home is the Fame and Reputation area. It represents how other people see you. Are you worthy of recognition and respect?

If you’re getting a bad rap or you spend most of your time being ignored, the South is the place to work on.

These steps are going to help you, along with Phil and Holly, notice this part of the home and see how the south is reflecting your life.

2.      Clutter is unique to everyone.  Check for clutter in the South part of your home. 

Clutter is anything you don’t use, need or love. So if you’re keeping stuff out of habit, fear, guilt, confusion or spite, it’s adding to your problems and bringing you down emotionally.

3.      Spiky plants: These cut your reputation and leave you feeling under attack and drained.

Remove cacti, snake plant, yucca and indoor plants with thorns like Devils Ivy. If someone gifted you a pineapple plant, let it go.

4.      Art: The writing is often on the wall and we don’t see it. Check art, photos, sculpture, even pictures the kids drew which happen to be in the south part of your home. 

The best way to assess whether they are supporting your reputation is ask yourself what they say about you and how a child would describe them. 

Avoid angry abstracts, lonely or solo images, art depicting fights or battle scenes. You’ll find much more information on Feng Shui and art at

5.      What to display instead:

Pictures of you at your best. Anything which represents the way you want the public or boss, friends, colleagues to respect you. Glowing testimonials, awards, notes of recognition

In Phil and Holly’s case, there’s one additional remedy I’d recommend to really get things moving forward, but they’ll have to ask me about that personally!

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Suzanne Roynon is a Leading International Interiors Therapist and member of the International Feng Shui Guild. She will help you look differently at the things you keep around you to understand how they may be harming your relationship, health, wealth, success and home life. She shares hints and tips to create a home and office space you love and which propels you forward rather than keeping you tied to the past. 

In addition to her Interiors Therapy and Feng Shui consultancy and teaching, Suzanne is a professional speaker and the author of Award-winning Bestseller ‘Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship’. She is a BBC expert and works with Metro, Sunday Times Style, Natural Health, Real Homes Magazine, Homes and Gardens, NZME and many other national, local media and online organisations to share the advantages of living an Interiors Therapy lifestyle.