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Feng Shui Remedy Inspirations - Metal

May 15, 2023

In bespoke Feng Shui we use a remedy known as ‘Metal’ or ‘Heavy Metal in spaces where the home has too much rigid earth energy creating stagnation and making moving forward or enjoying a balanced, healthy lifestyle much harder than it needs to be.

At this point in time every home will need Metal energy, often in three places or more on each floor. As your Feng Shui energy changes slightly each year, the remedies required this year may not be the same in years to come. 

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Metal is slightly more challenging than other remedies in that quite a lot is required. Imagine trying to chip away at a rockface with a paperclip… it would take forever to even make a dent. So instead we use the weight of metal measured in kg to achieve a faster result.

The minimum amount of weight we use is 14kg and 21kg for ‘heavy metal’ (which shouldn’t be confused with the music genre). The larger the property, the more metal required.

One of the easiest solutions is to use barbell weight plates which slip easily under furniture, making them easy to hide. Another option is to source 25kg test weights, but let’s face it, they aren’t terribly attractive.

The Chi or life force energy does need to get to the metal, so please don’t tuck it away inside a cupboard as it has to be able to ‘breathe’.

This Eldon Console Table by Choice Furniture Superstore would contribute to the total metal amount required in a specific area of your home. Just remember, if you choose metal furniture with a glass or wooden top, only the metal counts towards the weight you need.

Another option is this funky Tripod Spotlight by Artisanti.

In practical terms, this cast iron door stop from Artisanti will perhaps contribute 1kg, (always check the weight!) so be realistic about your metal remedies and use inexpensive options for the bulk of your needs whilst topping up with something fabulous.


Cast iron sculptures can be put to good use to maximise your intentional feng shui in areas where metal is required. Buying a pair of these Torrens cast iron birds from Wayfair and positioning them facing one another will help activate a relationship area.


In terms of colours which support your metal remedy, think about metallic colours; gold, silver, bronze; pastel shades of any colour; grey (except the really dark shades) and white.

This trailing flowers cushion by French Bedroom fits the bill.


However you choose to activate your metal remedy, make it beautiful. Feng shui is all about enhancing the positivity within your home so although metal remedies are essential to bring balance and harmony, if it’s ugly it’s likely to bring you down, so choose something you like the look of and let the good times roll.

The cover image features wall art of seagulls by Wayfair. Bear in mind this will not be very heavy so is really decorative rather than adding greatly to your metal remedy.

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