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Feng Shui Remedy Inspiration -  Moving Metal

Mar 16, 2023

In bespoke Feng Shui we use a remedy known as ‘moving metal’ in spaces where the energy is so heavy or detrimental to the occupants of a home, that a metal remedy alone is insufficient to resolve it.

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Moving metal sounds like a simple option, and it is… provided you follow some rules which are straightforward, but for some reason can create pickle-worthy confusion!

1.      The metal has to be moving visibly and constantly 24/7

2.      It really does have to be metal and moving – not plastic painted to look like metal!

3.      It has to be able to ‘breathe’. This means the air can get to it – ie the metal isn’t behind glass or Perspex.

The easiest solution for moving metal is a clock face with a second hand. Because the second hand is constantly moving, it activates the remedy and cuts through energetic stagnation.

Just be sure the three hands of the clock (hour/minute/second) are open to the air and not sealed into a case.

Irritatingly, many analogue clocks with an open face only have an hour hand and a minute hand. If there’s an open face clock you love, but it only has two hands, don’t despair! You can buy a replacement clock mechanism at a reasonable price on Amazon (see below for an image). Just make sure it has three hands and they are made of metal. 

I often use the website to show my clients examples of options for remedies readily available to them. 

This plain, silent alarm clock from Dunelm Mill is also available in black. It’s a product being used successfully in my own apartment and homes of clients across the UK. NB It is currently out of stock, but look out for it returning as it's a fab option.

Another way to implement a moving metal remedy is to choose a clock with a pendulum. Provided the pendulum is made of metal and the movement isn’t switched off, it will work admirably. Pendulum clocks are much more of a feature for a wall and there are many styles and choices to be found by searching for ‘pendulum clock’ on the UFurnish website. This distinctive option is by Homary

Some clients, especially where a moving metal remedy is required in a home office, have used kinetic desk toys. Remember if you go this route, the toy will need a battery or other energy source to keep it going. You can’t be relied on to nudge it every few minutes through the night! The primary drawback I’ve found with kinetic toys is the whirring noise, especially with cheaper brands, which would drive me bats. If I can’t live with something I don’t recommend it!

Just use the mechanism!

If you have limited space or prefer to tuck your Feng Shui remedies out of sight, perhaps in a window reveal or on top of a cupboard, then buying a clock mechanism is a cheap and cheerful solution to the moving metal challenge. Just remember they are designed to have a clock plate between the battery pack and the hands, so pad the gap to ensure the hands can turn freely and of course, check the hands are made of metal before you buy.

Whichever option you choose, check it regularly to ensure the metal is moving and the battery is still functioning.

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