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Feng Shui Remedies Inspiration - Red Earth

May 15, 2023

In bespoke Feng Shui we use a remedy known as ‘Red Earth’ in spaces where the home needs a balanced combination of earth and fire energy.

Not every home will need red earth, and as your Feng Shui energy changes slightly each year, the remedies required this year may not be the same in years to come. 

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Red Earth is remarkably easy to source and it doesn’t take much of it to activate the remedy, so something as simple as a terracotta plant pot (made of clay not plastic) or a red brick will do the job.

The Chi or life force energy does need to get to the red earth, so please don’t tuck it away inside a cupboard as it has to be able to ‘breathe’.

This spectacular Harrington planter by Soho Home would be an amazing red earth remedy, but if you want something more compact a very basic plant pot will be just as effective.

Other potential red earth remedies on the ufurnish site include these pretty aged terracotta pots from Nkuku


And this attractive clay wall shelf by La Redoute gives your feng shui remedy a new dimension.

 Once your red earth is in place you can boost the vibe with décor items which match the special energy of the remedy. 


We love these Heritage Glava Boudoir cushions by Dunelm.

However you choose to activate your red earth remedy, make it beautiful. Feng shui is all about enhancing the positivity within your home so although a red brick will bring balance and harmony, if it’s ugly it’s likely to bring you down, so choose something you like the look of and let the good times roll.

The Zane Berber rug in the title image is by Dunelm.

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