Every picture tells a story - and it's not always a good one

Sep 26, 2018

When my gorgeous friend Celeste asked me to spend the afternoon with her, I knew she had an ulterior motive. We’d been gradually working through her clutter for months, peeling away layers of stuff each time she felt ready to part with reminders of a difficult childhood and a series of toxic relationships.

As we’d cleared rooms full of stuff, her business dramatically increased and her health improved. She gained financial freedom after years of debt and was able to book much needed holidays and visits to her family in Europe. However, something was still missing – the elusive relationship with someone who would love and respect her for the amazing and talented woman she is.

Celeste finally felt ready to tackle two huge bags of photographs. She had started before I arrived and the albums were still alarmingly full of photos of ex boyfriends and unhappy memories. She was miserable – reliving the pain and hurt with every image, but not feeling strong enough to part with them.

It was a beautiful day, far too glorious to be stuck inside, so I set Celeste a 2 hour time limit to deal with the photos.  I asked her to imagine the man of her dreams standing by the fireplace in front of her then blocked her view saying “OK it’s like this, I’m your photos, and as long as I’m in the way, you won’t be able to see the man and he can’t see you.”

Celeste finally got it and twenty minutes later the all the dud pictures had gone. Every photo she had left made her eyes shine with joy. “I feel free for the first time” she said…… and burst into tears.

We went out to buy Champagne to celebrate. A series of random decisions led us to speak to a man sitting in his garden by the canal. The electricity between Celeste and the stranger was tangible. Cupid was shooting his arrows very precisely. 

That night they talked on the phone, the next day they had their first date, the day after, their second. Is it love? Who knows, but Celeste smiles all the time now and he rushes to see her at every opportunity.

So, do you still have photos of your ex blocking a wonderful relationship from coming to you? Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to the old stuff and let something beautiful in!