Interiors Therapy & Feng Shui Relationships

Does a broken shower harm a relationship?

Sep 09, 2020

I’ve recently been doing online consultations for clients in Ireland and in absolutely every house I visited at least one of the shower cubicles, mostly the ones in master bedroom ensuites, were out of action.

What’s that about?

In every house the owner was single OR their relationship wasn’t giving them the magic and delight they wanted. 

They were emotionally high and dry.

It made me wonder – lockdown has provided lots of time to wonder!  

I thought back to the homes of other unwilling singletons I’ve visited and how many shower rooms and ensuites were out of action – being used for storage, had never been completed, the plumbing leaked, the drain was blocked, the tiling dodgy or any number of other reasons for disuse.

There definitely seemed to be a pattern for the homeowners.

  • A lack of flow in their lives.
  • A blockage preventing them from thriving.
  • A sense of being shut-down from romantic love.

In Feng Shui water represents flow and emotion. 

In Interiors Therapy, which uses elements of Feng Shui, we avoid having images of water in the bedroom because the emotional impact can be overwhelming with tears, arguments, misunderstandings.

And of course, we always recommend the door between the bedroom and an ensuite is kept closed for the same reason.

But if your shower isn’t working, that suggests your life is also being blocked in some way – you aren’t ‘in flow’ the way you should be.

So if that’s the situation you’re in, I recommend getting your shower fixed so you can get back in flow and enjoy the life you deserve.