Dodgy Relationship? Look for clutter

Aug 21, 2019

The incredible thing about clearing the physical clutter out of your life is that it works on many unseen levels emotionally and energetically.

It’s about so much more than making space in your home. For a couple it can revitalize a flagging relationship, re-balance the family dynamic and shift each individual to a new level of understanding.

I frequently find seething resentment about clutter when I’m called in to work with clients whose relationship is in trouble. “It’s all her stuff” or “He never does anything to help clear up so why should I?” are regular comments during our initial conversation.

Quite often after a couple move in together, they gather ‘stuff’ they feel creates a home. This is fine for the essentials, but sometimes, through habits learned from previous generations, fear of lack, thoughtless gifts, or a desire to fit into a particular social group, unnecessary stuff encroaches and then takes over the available space.

Before long there’s no room to breathe and the couple is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possessions – to the point where the love they share becomes compromised… and of course this is exacerbated if children come into the mix.

In a relationship with strong foundations, by taking the initiative to deal with the surplus belongings and organize the rest so everyone in the house knows where to find the item they want exactly when they want it, any festering bitterness can gradually wash away, and the couple often reignite the spark which drew them together in the first place.

But there’s another side to this coin. In relationships which are draining, toxic, damaging or inherently bad, it’s possible to release the nasty stagnant energy keeping the relationship together as you clear the clutter.

Then the interesting thing is the problem people or situations shift out of your life… Sometimes gently, and other times in a whirlwind of change.

Now I’m not suggesting this is always going to be easy – whether it’s a bad relationship, friendship or even work situation, along with the initial relief there can be a sense of loss, a sadness that something in which time and energy has been invested in has gone.

However, if you choose to accept the change with grace, you’ll find life moves forward faster and serendipitously in the direction you truly want, bringing new opportunities, friendships and relationships more aligned with your personal values, goals and desires for the future.

Have a great week!